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Irate man shoots another for “interfering” with wife

first_imgPolice in Georgetown rushed to Norton Street, Wortmanville, on Wednesday afternoon following the discharge of a gun in the area.According to information reaching Guyana Times, the incident occurred about 15:00h. The shooter has been identified as “Yankee” and “Cuzz” of Norton Street and West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.Police ranks recovered a spent shell when they arrived on the scene shortly after the suspect opened fireEyewitnesses related to this newspaper that the suspect had opened fire on another Norton Street resident, Troy Brandt, accusing him of “interfering” with the mother of his child.The woman, who also lives on Norton Street, had gone to the shop with a younger relative. At the time, Brandt was sitting on a corner of Norton and Hardina Streets along with two others.As the woman was returning home, Brandt reportedly asked if she wanted an umbrella to which she did not respond. However, when they got home, the younger relative allegedly informed the suspect about what transpired.The angry man was subsequently seen riding a bicycle to the spot where Brandt and his friends were sitting. The suspect dismounted the cycle and reportedly told Brandt “don’t breathe!”He then whipped out a firearm and cranked it. Upon seeing this, Brandt ran towards his home, which is four houses away, as the suspect discharged a round in his direction. Luckily, he escaped unhurt.The suspect then jumped onto his bike and rode away. About five minutes later, three vanloads of Policemen arrived on the scene, but were unable to apprehend the suspect.Investigations are ongoing.last_img read more


first_imgCOUNTY stars are getting behind a Letterkenny and District schools gaelic football league for girls and boys which starts next month.Teachers Frank McGlynn and Rory Kavanagh were on hand for the announcement at Michael Murphy Sports last night of the start of the competition.Michael’s sports shop is sponsoring the event which will see 16 teams from a dozen schools across the area taking part. The competition is being supported by St Eunan’s, Glenswilly and Letterkenny Gaels.The schools will take part in several days of football, competing on finals day for two wonderful trophies –  the Susan Carr Cup for Girls and Elaine Winston Friel Cup for Boys.Games will take place at O’Donnell Park and Glenswilly and begin on April 15.Organisers want to thank the clubs and the schools for their support in this development initiative and Michael Murphy Sports who are sponsoring the tournament and medals for the players. Children from National Schools who are taking part in the competition are pictured with members of the Winston and Carr families as well as Michael, Rory & Frank.COUNTY PLAYERS GET BEHIND STARS OF THE FUTURE IN SCHOOL GAELIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE was last modified: March 13th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalfootbaFootballGAAglenswillyletterkennynational schoolslast_img read more

Warriors, 105, Bucks 95: Warriors exact revenge on Milwaukee

first_imgMILWAUKEE –– The Warriors faced a Bucks team that might be serve as an NBA Finals preview. Yet, Warriors coach Steve Kerr proclaimed it to be foolish to use this early December game as a barometer for what might happen in June.“You know what happens if we lose tonight? Nothing,” Kerr said beforehand. “We fall another game back in the standings.”The Warriors actually won, 105-95, over the Bucks on Friday for a three-game winning streak to cement a five-game trip. The Warriors (18-9) have a …last_img read more

Forcing Contrary Data into Evolution Stories

first_imgSome recent findings might raise the eyebrows of perceptive readers: “How does that support evolution?”Marine reptile big bang: Science Daily describes another case of abrupt appearance in the fossil record. Marine reptiles like plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs exploded onto the scene. First, we learn that “their origins and early rise to dominance have been somewhat mysterious.” Then we learn from paleobiologists at the University of Bristol that “they burst onto the scene, rather than expanding slowly into their ecosystems.” Yet, somehow, this is dubbed an “evolutionary burst.” Darwinians have known about this all along. Did they tell the public?Co-author Professor Michael Benton said: “We always knew that the marine reptiles expanded relatively fast into a world in turmoil, after a devastating mass extinction event that killed as many as 95 per cent of species. But what was unusual was that they were inventing entirely new modes of life that had not existed before the end-Permian mass extinction. Our work shows they expanded into nearly every mode of life, indicated by their feeding habits and range of body sizes, really much faster than might have been imagined.“If they “expanded” (i.e., evolved) much faster than might have been imagined, then by simple logic, it takes super-imagination to think they really did evolve that fast.Size doesn’t matter: If you make a male’s genitals bigger, do they outcompete the small guys? (Don’t get excited; we’re talking about mosquitofish here). Nature Communications tested the idea by artificially selecting fish with bigger, well, junk. It made no difference to their evolutionary fitness: there was “no effect of relative genital size on male reproductive success,” they say was their “main finding,” in contrast to previous claims. This was the case for both natural and sexual selection separately or in combination.Previous studies have reported directional selection on relative gonopodium length, but we did not find that males from up-selected lines are more attractive to females nor that they have weaker swimming performance than down-selected males. In combination, we did not find that the net effect of selection is greater male reproductive success (fitness) for control line males than males in either the up-selected or down-selected lines when they freely compete for mates and fertilization opportunities in semi-natural pools. In short, we did not find that novel genital–body size combinations are selected against.British microevolution: Claiming that “humans haven’t stopped evolving,” Nature reports on a study of “2,000 years of British evolution.” But do accentuations of traits like blue eyes, blond hair and ability to digest milk represent evolution? A Brit can still marry an African or Chinese person and have kids. The article calls the characteristic British traits “adaptations” without showing how mutation or selection increased their fitness. We’re all one species, and one race – the human race. Sorting out traits is not evolution in the sense Darwin meant.Differences are not necessarily evolved differences: 17 evolutionary anthropologists from multiple universities are apparently proud of their ability to measure differences between apes and humans. But is it evolution? In Nature, they paraded their measurements, showing that humans have higher metabolism, more body fat and longer childhoods than chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. That’s hardly news. On what basis, though, can they say this data represents “Metabolic acceleration and the evolution of human brain size and life history” without assuming what they think they are proving? Nature‘s editors committed the same fallacy in their Editorial: “humans evolve to use more energy.” That’s a teleological statement, forbidden by Darwinian theory, but Science Daily picked up the theme without any criticism whatsoever.Evolving proteins: Making Darwin proud, Science Daily announces, “Scientists discover the evolutionary link between protein structure and function.” OK, how, exactly? By just believing it. “The big problem in biology is the question of how a protein does what it does,” the lead author of a study says. “We think the answer rests in protein evolution.” They compared modern proteins with those preserved in soft tissue in fossils (that fact raising an important question about preservation for such long time periods). Did they find evolution? You be the judge:“It turns out that there are little snippets in our genes that are incredibly conserved over time,” Caetano-Anollés says. “And not just in human genomes. When we look at higher organisms, such as plants, fungi and animals, as well as bacteria, archaea, and viruses, the same snippets are always there. We see them over and over again.“Rather than explaining these by the neo-Darwinian processes of mutation and selection (terms they never use), they propose a model of “hierarchical modularity” as an “emergent property,” comparing it to the advance of artificial communication networks. That’s not Darwinian evolution; if anything, it’s intelligent design.Butterfly mimicry: The wing patterns on tropical butterflies are often used as examples of evolution. “Natural selection sculpts genetic information to limit diversity,” PhysOrg claims, but what was observed? In a word, epistasis – linked variations. The beneficial mutation causes simultaneous changes elsewhere in the genome that reduce further evolution. This presents a puzzle for Darwinian theory. If a change reduces diversity, how is the butterfly going to evolve further? The researchers overcame this challenge by imagining what could happen in the future. It’s intriguing. The Darwinians used intrigue to keep their theory alive.Intriguingly, the study effectively suggests that natural selection could limit a species’ ability to adapt to future environmental change by removing linked variations that, despite having no immediate beneficial impact on the species, could become relevant to its survival and capacity to cope with its environment in the future.“Variation is a kind of raw material and you don’t necessarily use it all at any one time,” Martin explained. “It’s something that could be used to adapt and change in the future.“For more about epistasis and selection, see a PNAS paper, “The effect of gene interactions on the long-term response to selection.” It begins, “The role of gene interactions in the response to selection has long been a controversial subject” – a surprising statement since that was supposedly solved in the 1930s. The paper shows the dominance of epistasis and genetic drift, factors that confuse simplistic ideas about progress by mutation and natural selection.Still trying to figure Darwin out: What do flying birds have to do with bacteria? Not much, most might answer. Science Daily, however, titles an article, “How did birds get their wings? Bacteria may provide a clue, say scientists.” Taking the bait, we look inside the package and find that biologists are still trying to figure out the basic ideas of evolution that we were all taught Darwin and his disciples solved.The evolution of major novel traits — characteristics such as wings, flowers, horns or limbs — has long been known to play a key role in allowing organisms to exploit new opportunities in their surroundings.What’s still up for debate, though, is how these important augmentations come about from a genetic point of view.Instead of studying how birds evolved Flight, though, Oxford scientists used divination tools on bacterial genes. “The researchers allowed 380 populations of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria to evolve novel metabolic traits such as the ability to degrade new sugars,” the article says. “This gave the researchers the opportunity to witness evolution happening in real-time.” Then we find out that the genes to digest these sugars were already there or were acquired by horizontal gene transfer. The birds, meanwhile, were left waiting on the ground for their lucky mutation.LGBT beetles: Science Daily presumes to tell readers “Why animals court their own sex,” admitting this is a Darwinian conundrum: “Same-sex sexual behavior is common in animals but puzzles evolutionary biologists since it doesn’t carry the same obvious benefits as heterosexual courtship behavior that leads to mating and production of offspring.” Proposing to give a new Darwinian explanation, the article promises that “A study sheds new light on the pervasiveness of same-sex sexual behavior in the animal kingdom.” The issues of whether SSB [same sex behavior] in animals has anything to do with human homosexual behavior will be shelved for the time being.The light-shedders at Uppsala University propose this idea: “The researchers hypothesized that, because males and females share most of their genes, SSB [same-sex behavior] may occur in one sex because its underlying genes carry benefits when expressed in the other.” Key word: may occur. “The findings thus support the idea that SSB may be prevalent in one sex because the genes regulating the behaviour are preserved by natural selection through their benefits in the opposite sex, pointing to a general mechanism maintaining multiple forms of SSB across a wide variety of animals.” Did they study this in a wide variety of animals? No; just in beetles, where they artificially selected the ones that seemed to show SSB. Their siblings seemed to have more offspring. But that could be due to a simple increase in overall mounting behavior by all the beetles, not because natural selection was somehow preserving SSB. If they think they shed light on evolution, they only did so by shedding the light into the trash can.How birds got their red color: This tale made the rounds this week. Cardinals and other birds with bright red feathers didn’t really evolve the ability to make red pigment. A study described by Science Daily finds that “nearly all birds have the latent capacity to make red feathers, but in order to actually do so, they must evolve the means of expressing [this gene] in the skin in addition to the retina.” True to the Stuff Happens Law, “dazzling red colors have evolved repeatedly in this group, mostly by the mechanism described here, but there are some very interesting exceptions.” Another Science Daily piece says that two color morphs can appear on the same bird “despite the pressures of evolution.” Amazing but true; “This is an important finding and helps evolutionary biologists understand how multiple color varieties can co-exist together in the face of natural selection.” Source paper: Current Biology.Non-evolution as evidence for evolution: Another case of gene conservation was noted this week in Science Daily: an enzyme necessary for construction of mitochondria has been “conserved throughout evolution“. No one seems to notice the statement is self-contradictory, as if to claim a pilot was grounded throughout his flight career. He never had a flight career if the statement is true.Now it’s your turn. You’ve watched some Baloney Detecting on the above evolutionary claims; now try your hand at these others. Teachers may use this as a class assignment for middle or high-school grade levels. Demonstrate a couple in class, then assign some others for homework. The evolution of sauropod dinosaurs (PhysOrg) [G]ene provides evidence that our limbs may have evolved from sharks’ gills (PhysOrg) Plants are ‘biting back’: Sting of the rock nettle (Science Daily) New evidence connects dung beetle evolution to dinosaurs (Science Daily) Tips: Watch for the phrase “evolved to” – this is verboten, because it is teleological. Darwinian evolution has no goal, no plan, and no purpose. Watch for instances where the empirical evidence is counter to what was expected. Look for evidence of abrupt appearance and conservation. Are the authors inventing meaningless phrases that assume evolution, like “metabolic acceleration” or “evolutionary stasis”? Discard all references that assume evolution occurred; what is the real evidence? Can you rescue something scientifically useful after the data are rinsed of Darwin-colored whitewash?Darwinian evolution is the scam of our age. All data are forced to support evolution, because alternatives have been ruled out of bounds. Natural selection is a fancy phrase for the Stuff Happens Law. And lazy Darwinians feel they have done their job by just saying, “It evolved.” We need to raise up an army of skilled Baloney Detectors who are not fooled by bluffing and evasion. Join the revolution against evolution; help us overturn the dork side of the farce manipulated by its naked Emperor Charlie. Survival of the oldest: Why do some species make it when some don’t? (Science Daily)center_img The evolution of development (PhysOrg) Role of life’s timekeeper—a novel theory of animal evolution (PhysOrg) How plants conquered the land (Science Daily) How and why single cell organisms evolved into multicellular life: The story of the evolution of life (Science Daily) (Visited 51 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Favrd Shuts Down – Not Twitter’s Last Laugh (Thank you, Textism)

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img Favrd, a site which aggregated the most popular starred tweets, has closed down. The site was a favorite of Twitter humorists, people who use Twitter mainly to express their wit. Favrd was the first of its kind to repurpose Twitter favorites (stars) into an aggregation site, where users could see who had “faved” their tweets, view tweets with 3 or more faves as a real-time feed, and check the most faved tweets in a 24-hour period on the Leaderboard. It was kind of like the Techmeme of funny tweets.A similar site called Favstar launched in mid-09 (our review) and it appears to have taken the momentum from Favrd. Favrd was the original though, so it’s disappointing to see it throw in the towel.Most people think of stars as a way to keep a personal library of favorites. But according to a regular Favrd user we spoke to, “Favrds” (people who used Favrd frequently) throw them like confetti and rarely look back at their own stream of favorites. Favrd was also different from Favstar because it only counted faves of people who were registered – although you could fave anyone.For a good overview of why many Twitter humorists liked Favrd, read this post by popular witterer Joe Schmitt (@joeschmitt).The site’s creator, Dean Cameron Allen a.k.a. @textism, left the following suicide note for Favrd. You can tweet your condolences using this hashtag: #thankyoutextism.“Alas, stars on Twitter have become mere take-out menus hung on the doors of other restaurants.There are still lots of clever and funny things to read every day, but finding these is no longer a challenge – you already follow your sources. Sites like this one now serve mainly as fuel for emotional up-fuckedness in the guise of a game.Just an idea: next time you see something you like, write the person who made it a note telling them so. Even better, explain why.Take care!– dca” richard macmanus Tags:#Product Reviews#web last_img read more

Wellness Tourism in India: Blooming Opportunity or Pale Reality?

first_imgIndia seems to have created a niche for itself by becoming a preferred destination for yoga and meditation. The practices are so popularly known now that they are considered a ‘booming’ industry in the country.India is among the top five destinations for wellness services, along with China, Brazil, US, and Indonesia, according to a KMPG report on tourism industry. Acupuncture, naturopathy and Ayurveda are among the growing sectors along with yoga and meditation. A FICCI report also shows that the wellness industry in India is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 12 per cent for the next five years.However, industry professionals are wary about hailing it as a success yet, and point out that the opportunities coming their way are beset with challenges as well.“Wellness tourism in India is very unorganized and unstructured,” says Gaurav Pathak, a marketing consultant at AyurUniverse, an online aggregator of wellness centers and ayurvedic therapies. “That is because most of the centers are run by Ayurvedic doctors and yoga teachers who don’t know much about marketing. So even though we have the potential to be one of the leading wellness tourism destinations, it hasn’t been utilized in a productive manner.”Voicing a similar concern is Jasbeer Singh, the managing director of Rejuve India MediTour. Although Singh is not pessimistic about the current scenario, he adds that it isn’t looking good either. “There is huge gap between what it could be and what the industry looks like today,” he says. “There is a lot of interest in the West about Indian system of medicine such as Ayurveda and yoga has always been popular. But the potential hasn’t been tapped yet.”Compared to the global scenario, India seems to be struggling to be at par with the many of the other wellness tourism destinations. Countries such as Indonesia and Thailand are among the top destinations for wellness vacations because they seem to have struck a balance between the much-needed marketing and government programs.Recent large-scale Indian initiatives such as International Yoga Day also fall short when compared to other countries. Countries like Thailand and Indonesia are much more visible to tourists, giving them an edge over India, for which information is not that easily available.Beyond Yoga and MeditationThe wellness industry today offers much more than before, and India has expanded a bit beyond yoga and meditation. Services such as naturotherapy, traditional spas and organic diets offer more diverse experience to customers. “The most popular themes are detoxification and rejuvenation,” Pathak says. “For example, ayurvedic detoxification, particularly Panchkarma which involves removing toxins from the body, is a popular 21-day program. The objective is to bring back your body into the right shape in three weeks.”No wonder then that many people swear by the effects of Panchkarma. “I was tired of physiotherapy and medications which led to other complications,” recalls Anisha Badani. “One of my friend told me about wellness centers in India. I tried Panchakarma package and I feel much better now.”Unexplored AreasWhile India is exploring the options to offer lesser-known therapies such as Unani, which are popular among people from the Gulf, there exist areas that haven’t been adopted properly. For instance, India lacks in wellness programs related to sexual health. “As sex is such a taboo in India, people are not aware of it. So such packages are rarely created and promoted,” says Pathak.The potential in wellness industry is huge but growth has been sluggish in the country. Market experts believe that in addition to better infrastructure, steps such as vocational training and promotion of rural entrepreneurs can create a lot of difference.Now, that’s a lot of prescribed measures for rejuvenation of a drowsy industry, which aims to become the leading destination for ensuring others’ wellness. Related ItemsAyurveda spa IndiaAyurveda tourismIndia wellness tourismLittle IndiaUnani spayoga tourismlast_img read more

Countrys maiden Climbing World Cup takes to crowd-funding

first_imgMumbai, Mar 27 (PTI) Mid-last year, Indias nascent climbing sport segment scored big by winning the bid to host the International Federation of Sports Climbing (IFSC) World Cup for bouldering in the satellite city of Navi Mumbai in May 2016. But the encouraging move has not yet translated into getting state administration as well as the large corporates to open their purse-strings, forcing the organisers to seek crowd-funding to meet the huge expenses which will run to crores of rupees. Only government-run Cidco has agreed to offer its exhibition centre at Vashi for the event to be held for the first time ever. For the over 50-year-old Girivihar Adventure Club, the organisers for the meet hosted by Indian Mountaineering Federation, this was a big leap. “India is only the fourth Asian country to have bagged a Climbing World Cup and its a huge honour. It is heartening to note that Indians are slowly opening up to newer sports and sometimes it is events like this that can exponentially increase their interests,” Abhijit Burman of Girivihar told PTI over the weekend.Burman cites how for cricket, the win by Kapil Devs team in 1983, followed by co-hosting the World Cup in 1987, worked wonderfully well.Specially-made walls will be erected at an indoor facility on which the climbers will be competing for the top honours this May.The International Federation of Sports Climbing has 83 member-countries and there are eight such IFSC world cups being held across the world every year.But for the three-day extravaganza arranging finances in India has become a formidable challenge for the organisers.advertisementThe Maharashtra government-run City Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) was the first to come forth and provide the fully air-conditioned, state-of-the-art Cidco Exhibition Center at Vashi as the venue for the event.Corporate sponsors are coming forth but are shying away from large sponsorship amounts, the organisers rue. (MORE) PTI AA BEN ARS SSC SSC RDSlast_img read more

8 days ago​Boothroyd confirms Arsenal whizkid Saka on England U21 radar

first_img​Boothroyd confirms Arsenal whizkid Saka on England U21 radarby Ansser Sadiq8 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveAidy Boothroyd has admitted that he is keeping tabs on Bukayo Saka for the England under-21 side.The 19-year-old has burst onto the scene for the Gunners this term, as he has shown in Europa League games.He was also impressive against Manchester United in the Premier League a few weeks ago.And Boothroyd considers Saka on his radar for the time being.”He is definitely on the radar,” manager Aidy Boothroyd told reporters.”I saw him play against (Nottingham) Forest (last month). “I know what he’s all about. He’ll do well enough before long.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

‘Forget Messi, give Van Dijk the Ballon d’Or’

first_imgVirgil van Dijk deserves to beat Lionel Messi to Ballon d’Or glory, according to Netherlands boss Ronald Koeman.Dutch defensive colossus Van Dijk drove Liverpool to Champions League glory, making key contributions at both ends of the pitch in a run which culminated in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Tottenham in Madrid.And Koeman believes the former Celtic and Southampton man should be recognised for his inspirational role when football’s top individual awards are handed out. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have dominated the player prizes over the last decade, but Luka Modric disrupted that duopoly when his efforts for Croatia at last year’s World Cup were recognised in December.Koeman says Van Dijk would be a worthy successor as holder of the Ballon d’Or, even if he does not necessarily rate him as the world’s finest player.”He deserves to win the Ballon d’Or,” Koeman said on Monday.”It’s usually handed to players who make or create decisive goals, but if there ever is a time to give it to a defender, it is now.”No-one has completed a dribble past @VirgilvDijk in any of his last 64 appearances for us.BIG VIRG.— Liverpool FC (@LFC) June 3, 2019Koeman was speaking in a YouTube question and answer session organised by the Dutch football federation.”In my opinion Messi is the best player,” Koeman said, “but I also think you should win big trophies with your team to be a contestant.”Van Dijk played down his own chances of landing the award following the Tottenham game, saying that Messi “deserves it as long as he plays”.Messi can point to winning another La Liga title with Barcelona, but the Catalans were beaten in the Copa del Rey final by Valencia and folded 4-0 at Anfield in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final, squandering their 3-0 Camp Nou advantage.Koeman would love to field Van Dijk and fellow Liverpool man Georginio Wijnaldum in Thursday’s UEFA Nations League semi-final against England.Liverpool’s post-Madrid celebrations took place on Sunday, leaving their players free to disperse for international duty.Reds players could line up in opposition this week, with the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson among England’s squad.Ahead of the match in Portugal, Koeman said of Van Dijk and Wijnaldum: “On Tuesday we will drink a cup of coffee and we’ll talk about it. But if it’s only up to me, they’ll play. That’s obvious.” Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

Tate Martell Was Asked If He Hopes Dwayne Haskins Leaves For NFL

first_imgTate Martell at a practice.Two quarterbacks played for Ohio State in its 52-3 win over Rutgers today, and both impressed. Starter Dwayne Haskins and back-up Tate Martell both tore it up for the Buckeyes.Haskins has been awesome through two games for the Buckeyes. Today, he was 20-for-23 for 233 yards and four touchdowns.Obviously J.T. Barrett was a great player for Ohio State for four years. Haskins seems to give the offense another dimension with his passing ability.On the year, he is completing a shade under 80-percent of his throws for 546 yards, nine touchdowns, and just one interception.Tate Martell looked very good in relief of Dwyane Haskins today.He was a perfect 10-for-10 for 121 yards and a score. He also broke a 47 yard touchdown run, and led the team with 95 yards on eight carries.Tate Martell 47 yard TD run?— College Town™ (@CollegeT0wn) September 8, 2018He was 3-for-4 for 33 yards against Oregon State in Week 1.After the game, Martell was asked if he hoped that Haskins would head to the NFL after this year. His non-response response is a bit telling.Q: Do you hope Dwayne Haskins goes to the NFL after this year?Tate Martell responded only with a smile.— Dan Hope (@Dan_Hope) September 8, 2018We’ve seen a ton of quarterbacks transfer due to losing jobs or playing time issues. If Haskins continues this type of play, the NFL very well may come calling, and Martell would be in line to start.Clearly he wants to play. As long as Ohio State has these two guys, the quarterback position is in good hands.last_img read more