Month: March 2017

Xining Local Taxation Bureau to carry out the work of professional tax revenue management pilot

The day before, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau organized the City District Local Taxation Bureau professional tax administration reform consultation meeting

days ago, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau organized the City District Local Taxation Bureau professional tax administration reform consultation meeting. Municipal Taxation Bureau Secretary Division iron, deputy director Ma Wuxin, professional tax sources management leading group member units and four district, deputy director of the three counties, tax management section chief, tax bureau secretary attended the meeting. read more

Xining City the ten major theme parks in Hehuang proverb Park Park opened its doors today

In October 1st, the city’s ten largest theme park of Hehuang park officially opened its doors. But the park opened without firecrackers to help out, not only invited me and add to the fun, green medal and ordinary citizens as the first garden invited guests, are all in "quiet". This is a concrete manifestation of the city forestry bureau proposed to strictly implement the central and provincial, city, close to the masses, change the style, strict requirements.

Hehuang proverb park a total area of 14.8 hectares, is located in the City District of South District, adjacent to the West Long Highway and planning of Riverside Road, west of the East in the gardener bridge, Tsing Lung Bridge, about 1800 meters long, 150 meters wide north-south, the narrowest 50 meters, a total investment of 20 million 730 thousand yuan. The park is the Qaidam Hehuang proverb Park, Chaoyang Park, green park Begonia theme park after the completion of the Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government and construction of another major landscaping works and public works. read more

Xining health should not be just a slogan

clarion, drums reminder journey. Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government stand in the development for the people, create Huimin height, put forward at the beginning of September this year to declare a national health city, the city of our comprehensive strength and overall quality considerations have been put in front of.

created the National Health City, is the municipal government to comply with the law, city development in line with the wishes of the people of the world to prove the practice in recent years, the news is a process that the appearance of the city of Xining and people’s life has been significantly improved in the process of. The environment becomes beautiful, the air is fresh, travel more convenient…… Chuangwei results are infiltrated into people’s lives every little bit, the people of Xining to bring tangible benefits from the health of personal feelings. In recent years, a group of flash, so we Chuangwei work towards that goal a step forward. The 10 national health city to declare eligibility criteria, the city has 7 standards, which results not only embodies the huge investment of the municipal government, also gathered the masses of hard work and sweat, if the city is Chuangwei self renew and perfect, then the masses is the city context the blood, because the people of the City Chuangwei work Our wills unite like a fortress., has been standing at a new starting point, it should be said that the results in people’s news source. read more

The train pulled out of the Xining landmark to celebrate the eighteen to see the new changes of Xi

development potential means competitiveness in the future. Since the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of Xining, which is a symbol of integrity and pragmatic innovation, has sounded the clarion call for the people of Xining to move forward and march towards a new journey. Chengdong district as Xining’s east gate, closely around the eastern region to become the future development of the new landmark of Xining positioning, innovative ideas, seize the opportunity to take a big step forward in the development of the region. The party’s eighteen big east district will be held soon, "Suntech, harmony, strong, progressive" philosophy, in the district four team under the leadership of standing on a new starting point, realize the development process from "walk" to "run", has become an important driving engine of Xining and the province. Today, this newspaper will launch a series of reports "celebrate the eighteen – to see the new changes of the" endeavor "Xining East", look at this piece of the city is to rise from different angles. read more

Provincial Party committee of the first inspection teams feedback to the provincial Sanjiang Refco G

12 2, 2009, the provincial Party committee of the first inspection teams to the Sanjiang Provincial Committee of Refco Group Ltd feedback special inspections. Deputy director Huang Youliang to Sanjiang group company party secretary and chairman Yan Facang conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the Party leadership of the feedback of the inspection situation. Yan Facang presided over the meeting and made a statement. read more

Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park was named the first national demonstration Logistics Park title

7 8, held in Hunan, Changsha, the National Logistics Park Annual Meeting on the work, Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park was awarded the first batch of national demonstration logistics park, the title of the 2016.

national demonstration Logistics Park evaluation work by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction organization, Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing specific assessment, through data reporting, data audit, expert review process, a comprehensive evaluation of the park management, infrastructure, service capabilities, operational efficiency the park features, and successful experience and future development, demonstration and popularization value and other indicators. After a rigorous review and layers of screening, the first batch of 29 national level demonstration logistics park, northwest Shaanxi International Air Logistics Port and Qinghai Chaoyang Logistics Park selected, Qinghai Chaoyang Logistics Park ranked eleventh. read more

Xining teachers’ day to visit teachers to visit condolences

In the twenty-eighth teachers’ day, four team leaders Wang Haihong, Gao Yumei, Tong Wang, Zhang Ying since September 8th, went to visit condolences to my city serving and retired teachers to send their festival greetings and warm, entrust the relevant departments to take better care of the city wide in-service and retired teachers, and wish for Xining education a better tomorrow to give love and wisdom to the teachers.

September 9th, accompanied by Wang Haihong, the person in charge of education and other departments, has to visit and condolences to the tiger Taiwan old retired high school principal Guo Changyou and Xining teachers Ma Rongfang, send them flowers and condolences to kim. See Wang Haihong personally come to visit her, Guo Changyou said excitedly: "the change of education in Xining in recent years the turn the world upside down cannot do without the municipal government attaches great importance to the whole society, cannot do without the care and support…… Xining evening news and the City Board of Education recently carried out concerned about the education of the public, a good community, good business and the masses are satisfied with the school selection activities, the whole society is concerned about the vivid portrayal of Xining education support." Wang Haihong in a cordial conversation with Guo Changyou, asked in detail about his retirement life is not good, what are the difficulties and needs of life…… When I heard that after the retirement of Guo Changyou has been in Xining education play the heat, Wang Haihong very touched, I hope in the future more old school education for Xining scientific development suggestions, contribute, and entrusted the education departments and schools often invite retired teachers and principals look back to school with them, the experience and wisdom of education in Xining. read more

Xining City District village community two committees general work started

October 9th, the city of Xining City District in 2014 held the village community two committees general election meeting mobilization and business backbone special training work, started the village community two committees general election.

the central village community two committees general elections from October to December, has three characteristics: Standard election procedures grasp. The establishment of general work leading group, issued a special general flow chart, district and village (community) two committees general work leading group set up specifically to deploy officers of 2 steering group, the 1 mission of towns (street) in each stage of work in progress tracking supervision, timely understanding of the new situation and new problems in general the election work, guidance to the town (street) rectification and rectification. And the participants on the election of the relevant documents, laws and regulations, work processes and other related business knowledge training. Do not sticking to formalities. To encourage outstanding incumbent village cadres, rural rich hotshot, college-graduate village official and demobilized soldiers actively run, and actively guide and support the outstanding college-graduate village official in the village committee election. The main qualification for the candidates in the clear, broaden the candidate recommendation scope, optimize team structure and other aspects, in strict accordance with the municipal Party committee proposed the "five, thirteen do not choose" policy, determine the standard of selection and appointment of the community; "two committees" candidates based on the previous written examination and interview on the increase of work practice, and will be an important basis for practice such as the identification of candidates. Adhere to the prevention first, the full implementation of the street, the town Party committee and the candidates collective conversation system. Discipline and supervision. Carefully received letters and visits of the masses, to appear in the general election canvassing bribery, secret operations, to disrupt the election law and discipline violations, and severely punish. The implementation of the county level leadership, leadership village, community, quality, progress, and effect of the "two packs of Three Guarantees" responsibility system, truly achieve the "sunshine general election, harmonious" objective. read more

Xining intermediate people’s court to carry out mediation work to ensure that the big mediation patt

according to the Xining intermediate people’s Court of "opinions" about carrying out the civil cases in the mediation of the spirit, the West Court in March 2011 began to promote the mediation work, by the end of May 2012, a total of filing mediation handled 39 cases of various types, the real implementation of the "end of the dispute, case, or all served to ", received a good legal effect and social effect.

filing mediation adhere to the principle of voluntary equality, legal and timely handling. Work is the focus of dispute has certain social impact of a large number of group disputes, mediation, and marriage and family, inheritance, homestead, Xianglinquan, personal injury compensation, labor dispute, the sale of housing, road traffic accident compensation disputes. read more

Xining Municipal Health Bureau actively cooperate with the national urban water supply in 2011

according to the Qinghai Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction, the Qinghai provincial health department "transmitted notification" on the 2011 National City water supply water quality survey and implementation of the "water city plan" requirements of the 2011 census, the City Health Bureau attaches great importance to the formulation of the Xining city water supply survey plan.

read more

Xining city will focus on the more than 2 thousand enterprises calcium

recently, reporters from Xining city "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities leading group office learned that since July this year, since the Xining city to carry out "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, after investigation, has identified more than 2 thousand key enterprises to help. At the end of September to the end of October, Xining city will be in accordance with the investigation stage to understand the enterprise financing, land use is difficult, difficult, difficult to support the six major common problems, the focus should be to solve. read more

Smooth traffic engineering Xining bus priority to ease travel difficult

in order to effectively alleviate the current problems existing masses travel difficult problem, Xining city public transport priority, to guide the public to choose bus travel as the main way of construction, the smooth implementation of traffic engineering projects, to create a good traffic environment.

Xining city to give priority to the development of public transport as an important measure to alleviate people’s quality of life, improve traffic congestion, a positive declaration of national transit city pilot city, strive for more support for public traffic planning, construction, operation and management etc.. Efforts to promote the construction of public transport infrastructure and intelligent systems, in order to enhance the attractiveness of bus travel, ease urban traffic congestion. Smooth traffic project started in recent years, the implementation of 96 projects, investment 1 billion 435 million yuan, built 30 pedestrian bridges, 1 bridges, 2 Road, 4 underground parking lot, 4, the implementation of the road isolation center 41 kilometers, delimit markings of 200 thousand square meters, opened 3 off ". Currently vigorously promote the construction of the 5 passenger hub project, by setting up a bus back to the center of the city in the region, to solve the problem caused by the bus line is too long to wait for the bus operation is difficult, time-consuming, and so on. Invested nearly 300 million yuan, the overall update completed 31 bus lines, bus total number of vehicles up to 1846, the newly opened 38 Road, 39 road two bus lines, 5 road, 29 road adjustment, line 1 road and 17 bus lines to facilitate the New District, the lake district and the industrial park travel. read more

The twelve session of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress held its tw

November 24th, the Twelfth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress held in Xining on the twenty-third. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Deng Bentai, Su Ning, Mao Mao, and so on, and so on, the Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China, the general secretary of the people’s Republic of China and the Standing Committee of the 40 members attended the meeting, in line with the quorum of the people of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. Mu Dongsheng presided over the first plenary session. read more

Thousands of people living on the north side of low cost housing

in order to solve the housing difficulties of the masses of the problem, the north of the city invested 46 million 500 thousand yuan, will start the construction of public rental housing, affordable housing, a total of 194 square meters, an area of over 11300 square meters, benefiting thousands of difficult masses.

in the north area of Minxin Garden District, the reporter saw just moved into low rent houses of the old Cao Hongshan, according to the elderly, he rented 10 square meters of the small house, rely on subsistence allowances and pick up garbage scrape. Two years ago, in the community, the town government departments to help, he finally lived on a set of 50 square meters of low-cost housing. Room doors and windows, sanitary ware, kitchen facilities, such as readily available, central heating, gas supply, closed-circuit television and other facilities one-time access, only 8 yuan a month rent. Can live in such a warm house, the old man is very satisfied. The day before, he is on a monthly 300 yuan low gold and clean up wages, coupled with government subsidies, the small day was enjoyable. read more

Province of the province’s food and drug safety focus on special rectification

province from December 20, 2013 to February 16, 2014 to focus on the province’s food and drug safety special rectification. The rectification of the coordination of public security, commerce, agriculture and animal husbandry, advocacy, health, quality supervision, industry and commerce, food safety supervision departments to form a joint steering group of Xining City, Hainan City, East Sea, Haibei Prefecture, the two NPC and CPPCC food and drug safety and security work on-site supervision and inspection. read more

Xining City ndustrial and commercial departments to take measures to allow MLM activities without f

In order to maintain the prosperity and stability of economic order, building a harmonious and fair economic environment, Xining City, Qinghai Province, in accordance with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Qinghai provincial public security department work plan, since mid July in Xining city to carry out combat MLM operations, and achieved preliminary results.According to the characteristics of the new marketing activities of Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau, take various measures to establish a sound long-term mechanism to ban pyramid selling. Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau affiliated with the industrial and commercial departments at all levels and key units signed target responsibility and the fight against pyramid schemes do not provide places and service responsibility for the marketing activities, be a clear division of responsibility to the people; in the community, public places to post the prohibition of marketing regulations "" direct selling regulations ", so that the masses understand the dangers of pyramid schemes, the MLM activities without a place to live in; through the neighborhood community neighborhood offices, organizations such as the collection of information, including the establishment of rental housing, community resident workers, migrant workers and other information database, providing reliable information channels for the fight against pyramid schemes. This year, the Xining Municipal Department of industry and commerce were investigated and dealt with 5 cases of pyramid schemes, and the public security organs jointly destroyed MLM dens in the District, the staff of 359 people selling off the pyramid scheme, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of china. (author: Cui Zhenlin) read more

Xining city to carry out demonstration activities hunyuxinfeng households work exchange

In August 9th, the Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission five (including Dongchuan Industrial Park) three county population and Family Planning Bureau and responsible for the publicity and education of cadres held in Huangyuan County, hunyuxinfeng households activities work demonstration demonstration city

8 month 9 days, Xining city population and family planning organization of five districts (including Dongchuan Industrial Park) three county population and Family Planning Bureau and responsible for the publicity and education of cadres held in Huangyuan County, hunyuxinfeng households activities work demonstration demonstration city. read more

Provincial Consumers Association issued a consumer warning let the rational consumption to accompany

The National Day holiday, to guide consumers to more scientific, safe and healthy travel, Qinghai province Consumers Association to remind consumers, the National Day in a relaxed mood and happy to play at the same time, we must have a sense of safety, let the consumer with the national day of the journey carefully to eat live line.

during the National Day holiday, the station of scenic spots, people flow, the provincial consumer association to remind consumers to travel in their property and custody in take good care of the elderly and children, safety, arrange travel during the "food, shelter". To understand the quality of travel agents, travel agencies have to view the "travel agency business license", "business license" and "outbound tourism business license" and other relevant certificates, choose full license and good reputation of the travel agency. The selected travel agencies, travel agencies will be required to travel by means of transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping times standard, the rights and obligations of both parties and liability for breach of contract and dispute resolution methods consumers clearly recorded in the text of the contract. In case of ambiguity or equivocation, if necessary, it shall be indicated in the supplementary text of the contract. The cost of travel, must ask the other party to issue a formal invoice or service certificate. At the same time, we should pay attention to the preservation of travel agency invoices, attractions tickets, travel shopping invoices and other consumer vouchers. In particular, the travel agency on the way to change the contents of the contract without the cost, but also to get the invoice, so as to provide evidence for complaints in the event of a dispute. read more

The real effective protection but also the people of the sky

In March 14th, 18 days, 27 days, April 2nd, municipal Party committee, Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the municipal supervision office, city administrative law enforcement bureau, the Municipal Economic Commission and other departments responsible person, went to the demolition site, Shen Zhai Haizigou centralized coal trading market location, the train station in change the project site, Xining Hanison Oil Sales Co. Ltd., Chengzhong District mill village, on-site supervision and inspection of air pollution remediation work. read more