Month: June 2017

nnovation and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship driven employment maximum subsidy 30 thousand yuan

why is it now the golden age of Chinese entrepreneurs? The development of the economy brings more business opportunities and resources, and the support of policy will bring more convenience and benefits to people. Jiangmen in order to better promote innovation and entrepreneurship and the new deal, in 2016, the highest employment subsidies to promote entrepreneurship 30 thousand yuan.

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Quality and cheaper Sundry Goods store business fire

Now the big supermarket under

situation, Sundry Goods shop to "fight" in a way, this is not an easy thing. However, compared with supermarkets, Sundry Goods shop because of the small size, there is a "small boat U-turn" natural advantage, so in the sales price of the commodity is not like those big stores, supermarkets like wild speculations, but to really bring benefits to customers. My slogan is "every day affordable, high quality and low price" in line with the principle of small profits but quick turnover. read more

Micro store marketing skills summary shop must read

smartphone popularity, WeChat users surge, a lot of business highlights, many people have played the idea of a micro shop, which is indeed a very promising project. Opened a micro shop, marketing skills this is what we need to focus on. Today to introduce some of the micro shop marketing skills, interested friends may wish to take a look at.

1. friend number

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Where the women’s shop is better

where is the women’s shop better? Many businesses have to consult the problem, in fact, many people have shared their experience, if you want to open the women’s franchise, the location of favorable area has more security, then with small make up a study.

for women, is more important than a good store of clothing, first elected women’s franchise the atmosphere, also feel some high-end clothing, if investors choose a lane, maybe others think these dresses are cheap or no one to buy things, so it will give investors these women greatly reduced, investors on women’s franchise business which is not good, so, women’s franchise location is very important. read more

8 tips for starting a business

entrepreneurship is not easy, many times we have some confusion, eager to get more guidance, in order to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship. Of course, every entrepreneur has experienced hardships, we are here to share 8 tips may help you solve problems, interested friends can look together.

1.  you can’t do everything yourself. It is necessary to set up a team, because the time for a person to work is limited. The specific time to reach your limit depends on your other responsibilities. If you are a young single person, you might be able to do everything in one or two years. But if you have a family, your whole body will eventually destroy family relationships. But a team can continue to work while you’re away. read more

How to prevent the swindler

is grasping a lot of investors want to get rich entrepreneurial psychology, there are a lot of people blindly drill this loophole, specifically by means of cheating defrauding investors’ money, and entrepreneurs tend to go down this road, on guard, the final fall of time and money to double loss, then the swindler how to prevent it?

now the community a variety of tricks means is to emerge in an endless stream, let us dazzling, whether it is or has mature stage in the early days, as long as grasp the following points, at least can prevent the current domestic those low IQ liar. read more

Sichuan County Krabi village in Aba Prefecture how to achieve precise poverty alleviation

In the process of economic development,

has made a series of achievements, but there are still a lot of areas facing severe poverty problem, people’s living standards need to be improved! Then, the Sichuan County Krabi village in Aba Prefecture, how to achieve precise poverty alleviation?

recently, hall Executive Council research group to work in Krabi ABA County village survey for poverty alleviation, helping object Zhang Dingquan sent dumplings, salted eggs, rice, oil and other goods, and in-depth conversation. read more

Henan core wisdom power to help the robot dance Central

with the development of science and technology, a series of new technology in the market continue to come out, the intelligent robot also appeared in front of the public, high-tech technology to build the robot, in the above appearance more beautiful, more diverse functions in the above. Here and small together, on the Henan intelligent robot debut to do a specific understanding.

summer Davos forum, simple and elegant, beautiful robot Allison’s stunning debut, let people believe that the near future, we live or because of the intelligent robot and change. read more

Shenyang held the third week of entrepreneurial culture collection entrepreneurial ideas

has a good idea is equivalent to half the success, but not all ideas are suitable to put into practice, can produce economic benefits is suitable for entrepreneurship. If you have an idea for an assessment, you might as well take part in Shenyang’s entrepreneurial ideas.

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Good Le Fu to join the project and what about whole

has not found not only in the city, even in remote areas of the township, people are more interested in food and beverage, food and beverage industry is now increasingly prominent in rural areas. This is another sign of the development of the food and beverage industry. With the steady and rapid growth of China’s national economy, the income level of urban and rural residents has improved significantly, and the food and beverage market has shown a strong momentum of development. With the rapid pace of modern life and eating habits of innovation, fast food has become a sunrise industry in this century. read more

Jiangxi County of Wuning Province Zhuchaoyinfeng push entrepreneurship increase employment

entrepreneurship is the focus of the development of provinces, with the implementation of management policies, more and more people don’t work out, there are more and more college students choose to bed will have a home business, ease the employment problem across the country. Jiangxi County of Wuning province also attaches great importance to management work, Zhuchaoyinfeng push entrepreneurship increase employment.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call already familiar to the masses. In recent years, Jiangxi County of Wuning province to expand the employment opportunity, actively strengthen entrepreneurial base construction, promote public entrepreneurship and innovation, to achieve employment less actively create and provide the necessary conditions for entrepreneurs. read more

mported milk powder which brand is good


Chinese constantly emphasized on food safety, however, for Chinese milk, I am afraid that most parents are not willing to accept, because of this, it has so many brands of imported milk powder. However, due to the current market of imported milk powder brands are also very much, thus giving consumers the choice has brought trouble. So, imported milk powder which brand is good?

1. Germany loves him

Germany’s leading high-end milk powder brands, the German market share of the first milk powder, but also one of the best sales of milk in europe. Imported milk powder which brand is good? Love him from the United States and Germany milk powder, Germany’s Miller (Milupa) group’s brand, after the acquisition of Miller treasure group danone. Love his beautiful taste light, not only because of its unique Pronutra+ formula, but also to control the layers of control, more trustworthy. Currently he is one of the most popular qualities of love Taobao purchasing. read more

With these qualities entrepreneurial success

want to start a lot of people, but not everyone is suitable to take the road of entrepreneurship, for entrepreneurs, the main success can not see the following quality. Follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

to get progress, it is necessary to determine the target, with a sincere and persistent forward. If not sincere enough, not enough dedication, all your efforts, the whole life is a lie. A dishonest man is not worthy of trust. He lives in a false and unreal environment. He should always be vigilant, to prevent their true motives, real self exposure. As the saying goes, lying people must have good memories before the lie was exposed. Not sincere person always be alert, to keep alert to like Holmes did not mind the secret. read more

The investment project selection of the Hot Tea HK Style how

cooking, the term now in the hearts of young people are strange, they are not willing to spend time on this troublesome thing, just want to seek the most convenient to solve the problem of feeding their own consumption, naturally became the inevitable choice. So seize the consumer psychology, start your small catering business, profit is absolutely amazing, as long as you have a stick in the end, we must do a good job of determination. So here for everyone to do a small food and beverage investment projects need to pay attention to some of the problems. read more

How do college students start their own business What are you going to do

with the continuous development of rural areas, more and more rural college students, eager to have some, as a result of their own career. How do college students start their own business? What are you going to do? Through the analysis and comparison of the rural students start a large number of cases, because of the traditional concepts of social, physiological and psychological factors, the entrepreneurial process of rural college students still have their unique features, get a lot of useful lessons from below, may wish to look at! read more

What are some of the tips for a new restaurant chain store

What are some of the tips for

‘s new restaurant chains? Followed by the development of the catering industry, has great development space in the market, there is also a great development prospect, let’s share, new catering chain stores what tricks?

exquisite shop location, good location in the catering chain stores will have a good business, therefore, the novice when choosing to open restaurants must pay attention to the problem of location. How to open a chain of food and beverage franchise restaurant chain restaurant how to choose it? According to the restaurant chain store business orientation, in the face of potential consumers, find the right place. read more

Small investment choose charcoal grilled fish dock

terminal project to countless charcoal grilled fish with investors to protect business novice. Our product market is hot, easy start, easy operation, worthy of attention. If you find a reliable investment brand, choose to cooperate with us is very wise, and quickly learn it, do worry investment business.

rich business content allows diners to maintain freshness, but also to join the store to operate a better profit. Charcoal grilled fish fish dock cooking skills into full play, and combined with the Chinese people’s eating habits, thawing fish, rinse dishes, soup, cooking, barbecue as a whole, the vast flavor fish + fashion + features + cold dish grilled fish with auxiliary dish + colorful fruit drink together, the customer truly feed them. read more