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Brian Cox Reveals What He’s Really Drinking on Stage in London’s The Weir

first_img Star Files Brian Cox moves between stage and screen work in London, New York, and L.A. with ease. The Emmy-winning Scotsman can currently be found anchoring the director Josie Rourke’s revival of Conor McPherson’s lyrical and mournful play, The Weir, playing the heavy-drinking bachelor, Jack, who finds his life upended one night in a rural Irish pub. The amiably bearish actor spoke to about everything from pub culture to how best to drink Coke Zero to McPherson’s genius as a writer.The Weir takes place entirely in a remote Irish pub, where people trade stories and have a drink or 10. Do you recognize the sort of world McPherson is describing? I very much know what these pubs are like. They can be quite brutal, actually, because the pub represents a fortress of sorts for men behaving badly where you’ve got all the bile and the rue and the alcohol mixing with the hierarchies and philosophies of pub life.What’s so fascinating about The Weir is the way in which this particular pub allows for the possibility of great kindness—even love.That’s absolutely right. What happens during the play is that Jack is actually encouraged to get back to the roots of who he is and his sense of self, and [the play’s lone female character] Valerie draws that out of him so that he gets rejuvenated.It must be something eight times a week to hear [co-star] Dervla Kirwan deliver the emotionally harrowing monologue towards which the play builds.She’s pretty unbeatable—the way she opens up to that moment and just goes with it. There’s a structure there of course—it’s quite crafted—but at the same time, Dervla is just so open to the experience of the moment. This really is the best bunch of actors I’ve worked with in years and what’s so good is it’s a real ensemble.You all consume a lot of drinks![Laughs.] There is a lot of drink! I’ve actually got to take it easy because I’m sort of trying to clean up my act as a type-2 diabetic—though I do drink my Coke Zero with a modicum of Guinness to give it the color it has.You mean that’s not just colored water?No, you can’t get colored water like that because it has to have a head on it.Was it a challenge following Tony winner Jim Norton in a role that he originated in London and then on Broadway some 15 years ago? What’s fantastic is that Jim and I go back so many years; he was a lodger at my house in London in the ‘70s, so we’ve known one another well over 40 years. That said, when I knew he was going to be in the auditorium on the first night at the Donmar I was just shitting myself, but in fact he made me cry—that’s how generous he is.What about him made you cry? He’s just got such a generous spirit about the work. What he made clear to me is that, like all great parts, Jack is going to be open to a range of people, so that if you can cut the mustard, you will be able to do it. I then realized that it’s not about appearances—as you know, Jim and I could hardly look more different—but about inhabiting the character: Jack is a great role in that he has sort of marginalized his own life, so that gives you a lot to act.You’d had prior success acting Conor’s plays on stage, with St. Nicholas and Dublin Carol. Was this offer a no-brainer for you to accept?It had been such a great theatrical event the first time around that I thought, I don’t know if I can follow that. But then I read the play and all these incredible vibes came off it, and I thought yes, I’ll do it, so that was it. What I want as an actor when I do theater is a reason to sit on the stage, and Conor gives you that and so much more.In some ways, the testosterone-charged flavor of this play isn’t that dissimilar from That Championship Season, which you performed on Broadway in 2011.Very much so, and it’s Irish, too. Jason [Miller, that play’s author] was of Irish ancestry, so that also is a play about coming home as well as the people who never left. Interestingly, in The Weir Jack tells us that he tried to go live in Dublin on several occasions but couldn’t make it: the archetype of the play is so powerful—and yet so particular about people’s journeys at the same time.You act on stage on both sides of the Atlantic and juggle screen work so well. Where do you consider home?Brooklyn, without a doubt: that’s where I live with Nicole [Cox’s second wife] and my two young sons. I mean, I can see the allure of L.A., and I like it, but it’s quite reclusive in a way—all those houses tucked up in the hills.As you get older, does it become easier to manage that nebulous thing known as a career?You just have to do it, you know? I mean, it’s exhausting and it’s getting a bit more tiring now, but on the other hand as actors it’s what we do and who we are: we follow our mercenary calling and we draw our wages.How lovely that you choose to return regularly to the theater unlike others who have kissed the stage goodbye.My feeling is that there is a certain kind of personality who also becomes more dedicated to the theater over time like Antony Sher or Simon Russell Beale, and we’re all the luckier for that. My feeling about doing theater is that I don’t ever want to give it up. I want to keep coming back so that I’m able to say, “I’m part of this as well, you know”—and then goodbye. Brian Coxcenter_img View Commentslast_img read more

United States Installs Mobile Control Tower at Ecuador Airport Destroyed by Earthquake

first_imgBy Dialogo April 28, 2016 YOU SHOULD BRING TOGETHER DIVERSE TECHNICIANS, THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN TRAINED BY OFDA/USAID IN ECUADOR.Thanks you to there wasn’t a greater death rate, we have always been present with your leadership.In 2000 you trained us today there are lots of resultsGreetings to Professor Manuel Ramirez a Gentleman a Friend In coordination with and at the request of Ecuadorean authorities and the U.S. Agency for for International Development (USAID) Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), the U.S. Department of Defense deployed 12 U.S. Air Force (USAF) airmen to support the ongoing international relief effort by assessing damage and installing a mobile air traffic control (ATC) tower at the Eloy Alfaro international airport in the city of Manta. This action was taken after the airport’s air traffic control tower, much like 7,000 other buildings in the country, collapsed as a result of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador on April 16th, killing more than 650 people and leaving more than 16,000 wounded. Manta is the primary logistical center for the delivery of humanitarian supplies to the affected areas. The control tower at the Manta airport was totally destroyed on the night of the earthquake, and for the following days the airport was limited to receiving only flights with humanitarian aid coming in on military planes from other countries. Eventually, local authorities were able to open the airport to commercial flights, using a radio system operated from a truck stationed near the runway, but that equipment was severely limiting. The ATC tower installed by USAF airmen on April 26th has allowed for regular flight schedules to resume, helping local controllers increase the flow of humanitarian aid entering the country. Boosting capabilities The ATC deployed by the U.S. military is designed to rapidly establish air transport services in adverse conditions in order to support the movement of aircraft inside and outside the aviation areas. The mobile air traffic control system provides portable radio communications equipment that is durable and modular, as well as air traffic services. The ATC can rise to a height equivalent to three stories, in the event that it is necessary to monitor the runway, and it can be configured to be fully operational in 90 minutes. The mobile structure and equipment allows for control over areas with high levels of air traffic and increases the safety of the operations in Manta. “The control tower brought by the Americans is mobile, for emergency purposes. However, it allows us to establish the communications needed to maintain control over the operations,” Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Bedoya Avilés, the commander of Combat Wing No. 23 of the Ecuadorean Air Force (FAE), said in an interview with Diálogo . “The tower was installed yesterday afternoon [April 26th] and today they are calibrating the equipment, [which is] essential to enable commercial flights,” said Lt. Col. Bedoya, adding that “[the Americans] are sending personnel to repair the radar and air traffic control equipment, which is out of service at this time.” In addition to the team of four people that arrived on April 26th to install the mobile ATC, the U.S. deployment included an eight-man evaluation team that arrived in Manta on April 22nd to help assess the damage to the airfield and identify the needed repairs. The ATC arrived in Ecuador aboard a U.S. Air Force C-17 with five vehicles on board and the necessary equipment for the installation of the tower. U.S. pledges Moments after the earthquake in Ecuador, the White House announced that President Barack Obama had called his Ecuadorean counterpart, Rafael Correa, “to express his condolences and those of the American people for the loss of lives due to the earthquake.” During the conversation, President Obama “assured President Correa that the United States will do everything it can to provide support for the reconstruction of Ecuador.” President Correa thanked the American people for their assistance at this difficult time,” the White House said in a note. The United States on April 18th announced the dispatch of a team of disaster experts to help Ecuador in the relief efforts. “The government of Ecuador has accepted the U.S. offer of help in the disaster relief efforts,” said a USAID official, who added that experts will collaborate with the government in assessing damage and identifying the humanitarian needs, while providing an analysis of the situation on the ground. The official said a support group would also work with the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team (UNDAC) which is helping Ecuador to coordinate the efforts of the international rescue teams. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States was “ready to help in any way we can.” The United States supports the efforts of the Ecuadorean government to expand its operational capabilities so that the supply of humanitarian assistance to the affected areas can be maintained and increase. The government of Ecuador expects an increase in air cargo traffic and aims to support the humanitarian response efforts in the affected areas. The United States has a long history of helping countries across the world that suffer from natural disasters, such as in Ecuador, and it does so in coordination with USAID/OFDA. One of the requirements is that help must be requested by the host country.last_img read more

Nassau Cop Charged With Assault for Alleged Excessive Force

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A Nassau County police officer accused of using excessive force against a suspect was indicted on assault charges, but the case was well underway in the court of public opinion as hecklers and supporters converged on the courthouse.Vincent LoGiudice pleaded not guilty Tuesday to three counts of assault—two as a felony, one as a misdemeanor—two weeks after charges against the man he allegedly beat during a traffic stop were dropped.“Judging this case by the video is like judging a book by its cover,” William Petrillo, the Rockville Centre-based attorney for LoGiudice, told reporters after his client’s initial court appearance.Petrillo was referring to the surveillance camera footage that attorneys for the driver, 20-year-old Kyle Howell of Westbury, have said shows LoGiudice beating Howell when LoGiudice and his partner, who wasn’t charged, pulled Howell over in April. The charges were dropped on the same day that the county hired a police ethics consultant for $675,000 in response to a string of misconduct cases.While hundreds of police officers from various law enforcement agencies packed the Mineola court house in a show of support for LoGiudice, a woman shouted at cops outside about police corruption. Officers immediately outside the courtroom, concerned that Howell supporters were trying to form a wall that would effectively force LoGiudice to face a gaggle of media, pushed their way through to make a path for their colleague.“Our community, the victim, the police department, and Officer LoGiudice deserve a full and impartial opportunity to seek justice in this case,” Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said in a statement. “My office will continue to ensure that that’s exactly what everyone receives.”Petrillo, who said the district attorney’s office didn’t interview his client, maintains that the actions taken by LoGiudice were “reasonable, necessary and justified.” Howell, who required surgery for several broken bones in his face, has said that he was reaching for his paycheck, which he said was about to blow away out of an open door when LoGiudice allegedly kneed Howell in the face repeatedly.Howell also has said that he was chewing gum, not trying to swallow marijuana to hide it from the officers, as police alleged. Outside court, one police supporter held a sign that read: ‘”I was just chewing gum and reaching for my paycheck” #yearright.’LoGiudice faces up to seven years in prison, if convicted. He was released without bail and is due back in court July 2.Outside court, James Carver, the head of the Nassau Police Benevolent Association (PBA), the union that represents the department’s rank-and-file officers, led supporters in a chant of “Vindicate Vinny!”“You’ve only seen a small snippet of what actually happened that day,” Carver told reporters of the video. “There’s a lot more going on in there.”Amy Marion, the Garden City-based attorney representing Howell in a lawsuit against the county and the officers, said that she and her client are content that charges have been filed against LoGiudice, but they are concerned with the reaction from police.“We are horrified and disturbed by the reaction of other law enforcement officers and the PBA president himself who are condoning brutal attacks of its citizens in our county and sending the message to law enforcement that this conduct will be tolerated,” Marion siad. “We also are concerned that the neither of the officers were charged with the false statements they made which resulted in our client being arrested and charged with felony assault against both officers.”The case against LoGiudice—before Judge Chris Quinn, who now presides in the same courtroom in which ex-Second Deputy Nassau Police Commissioner William Flanagan was convicted of misconduct last year—began the same way the case against Flanagan, who’s appealing, ended: With a round of applause from police supporters.last_img read more

Prepaid payroll cards expected to beat out paper checks in 2015

first_img 51SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Prepaid payroll cards are quickly catching paper checks as employers’ preferred back-up alternative to direct deposit. In 2014, there were 6 million prepaid payroll cardholders and 8 million workers paid by paper check in the U.S. This is compared to 12 million workers paid by check in 2011. New data indicates that 6-million figure will rise even higher by the end of this year.A recent Aite Group report predicts payroll cardholders will total 7 million this year, with paper check recipients expected to fall to 6 million. Aite forecasts further decline of paper-check payroll, projecting that by 2019 just 2 million workers will receive paper checks, while 12 million will get paid via payroll card.Some of the likely reasons for this predicted trend include:Cost savings — Payroll cards are less expensive to process than paper checks, resulting in significant cost savings for employers.Convenience — Payroll funds are deposited directly into a payroll card account where it is safe from theft and loss. Employees receive statements and can track transaction history for easy budgeting and better money management. continue reading »last_img read more

Hundreds of Indonesian ‘tabligh’ attendees sent to judicial custody in India

first_img“This is not an easy situation. Therefore, since the very beginning we have been paying attention to their condition,” she said.Since March 25, India has imposed a nationwide lockdown that is expected to be lifted on May 17 after being extended twice.In the meantime, many of the members of Tablighi Jamaat, including Indonesian citizens, were unable to return to their respective countries after attending a tabligh (Islamic mass gathering) in Delhi.Read also: COVID-19: More than 1,000 Indonesian Tablighi Jamaat members stranded overseas Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi has said that at least 276 Indonesian Tablighi Jamaat members in locked-down India have been reported to the police for allegedly violating quarantine and immigration measures in the country.Of the total, at least 138 are in judicial custody and are due for legal proceedings, Retno said in a virtual press briefing on Wednesday.Indonesia has at least 727 of its citizens — members of the worldwide Islamic missionary movement — stranded in India. Since the lockdown was imposed, a string of First Information Reports (FIR) has been filed against Tablighi Jamaat members across the country, ranging from violating quarantine orders to indecent behavior in hospitals, The Statesman reported.India witnessed a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases last month after more than 1,000 people linked to the religious gathering at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi tested positive. At least 17 states have reported COVID-19 cases linked to the gathering, the news outlet reported last month.Foreign Ministry director for citizens protection Judha Nugraha said Wednesday that the ministry, alongside Indonesian missions in India, were focusing on helping the accused citizens get their rights fulfilled while the legal process was underway.“It includes providing them with legal assistance,” Judha said.As of Wednesday, India has reported more than 49,300 cases of COVID-19 with 1,694 deaths.Topics :last_img read more

Azerbaijan tenders Asian fixed income mandates using IPE-Quest

first_imgInterested companies should send documents via certified mail or electronic mail by no later than 1 April.The closing date for applications is 24 March.The news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE-Quest tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information directly from IPE-Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 3465 9330 or email The central bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan has announced an open tender to select external managers for its Asian fixed income mandates, using IPE-Quest.According to search QN1394, the tender is open for institutional asset managers with at least $300bn (€220bn) in total assets under management, as of 31 December 2013.Applicants must also have at least a three-year track record in the Asian fixed income market and currently manage assets for central banks or sovereign wealth funds.The size of the mandate has not yet been determined.last_img read more

RaceSaver Sprints make Boone Speedway debut

first_imgMichael Moore was the Saturday winner when IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars made their Boone Speedway debut. (Photo by Bruce Badgley, Motorsports Photography)By Joyce EiseleBOONE, Iowa (April 22) – Boone Speedway held its season opener on Saturday night and the pits were packed with 143 race cars, including IMCA RaceSaver Sprints for the first time.Michael Moore secured the first-ever weekly race victory in the division. He passed Mike House­man at lap 11 of the 20-lap event and never looked back. Kaleb Johnson was the runner-up and Houseman finished third.Sixteen Sprints were entered. The winged class last ran at Boone at the 2009 IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s.Gatlin Leytham led the entire 20-lap IMCA Modified feature to win for the first time in his career in the division.Jimmy Gustin chased him from the beginning but had his final attempt for a pass fail when he lost a wheel on the white flag lap. This set up a green, white, checkered finish that saw Leytham hold the lead for the win, as Russ Dickerson followed him across the finish line in second place. Eric Elliott was third.Johnathon Logue won the time-shortened Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod feature. Jake McBirnie started 11th and took the runner-up spot.Jay Schmidt prevailed in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car feature after starting 13th. He caught up to leader Todd Reitzler by lap five, and continued to pester him until finally making the pass on lap 11.Trent Murphy finished second after starting 11th and 10th starter Donavon Smith was third.The 12-lap IMCA Hobby Stock feature concluded the night’s racing. Aaron Rudolph snagged him­self the win in this division, holding off Shannon Anderson and Dustin Graham.last_img read more

Isolation scoring leads Syracuse past Boston College, 84-71

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. — Buddy Boeheim up-faked on a 3-pointer and fooled his defender. As Buddy’s defender rose into the air, Syracuse’s best 3-point shooter gathered himself with a dribble before drilling his shot from beyond the arc. After the second consecutive Buddy basket out of the half, BC called timeout. Elijah Hughes looked at Buddy and twirled his fingers in a circle with a head nod as if to say “Again…again.” “It was time to just get going,” Hughes said. “He’s seen a couple shots go in and we just kept firing them and they kept going in.”Buddy did, scoring 21 points while Hughes finished with a game-high 28. The Orange’s best players were better than any defensive scheme Boston College trotted out on Tuesday and it led to an 84-71 Syracuse victory on Tuesday night at Conte Forum. The Orange (17-13, 10-9 Atlantic Coast) didn’t pass often on Tuesday — finishing with nine assists — but they didn’t need to. In Syracuse’s second to last regular-season game, isolation plays sliced up BC’s defense as the Orange avoided a losing season for the 51st straight year. “Elijah was really good tonight he got into some space, he was hard to guard tonight,” Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim said. “Buddy got going in the first half so the combination of those two guys got us some separation.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSyracuse’s weekday game against a middling ACC opponent, if anything, only impacted Syracuse’s position in the ACC tournament. Syracuse entered this game after a loss to North Carolina, another dropped opportunity in a season full of so many. With a series of bad losses in the Carrier Dome and no marquee win to point back to, the Orange will likely need a run to the ACC tournament championship for any chance at an NCAA Tournament berth. The Orange didn’t start well. Twelve turnovers between the two teams littered the first 10 minutes of the game. As the ball bounced around the court, with no dominating presence possessing it, Syracuse clanked shots from far out and close near the rim. On one sequence, a failed alley-oop between Howard Washington and Quincy Guerrier turned into a Boston College three-pointer down the other end.For much of the first half, the ACC’s top scorer kept Syracuse alive. Hughes’ first basket came from an alley-oop in which the 6-foot-6 forward flew from the baseline to the rim. Then he performed his usual scoring routine. The redshirt junior hit turnaround jump shots, open 3-pointers and drew fouls. Hughes believes when he’s hitting his 3-point shot, teams can’t guard him. So when his first pull-up jump shot from beyond the arc hit, he locked in.Boston College tried to switch on screens. Even the second defender, the one who’s meant to help, couldn’t impede Hughes. Through body contact, Hughes stopped and pulled up to hit a jump shot. “I was just out there hooping,” Hughes said. “I wasn’t really thinking about it too much. When I got in a rhythm, I kind of felt like no one out here can defend me.”In the second half, Buddy couldn’t be guarded either. He dribbled inside, hopped on both legs for space and then sank jump shots. He hit transitions 3’s and scored on an inbound pass in the corner. After scoring 22 points in the first game against Boston College, Buddy knew he had a favorable matchup against the Eagles. With smaller defenders on him, he dribbled into the lane and simply shot over them. With a release point several inches above the defenders, even sound defense couldn’t prevent a made basket. “Last year I wasn’t really able to get in the paint,” Buddy said. “ I wasn’t strong enough, good athlete. I think now I’m using my body, being smart, taking my time, you know just really using my height advantage to shoot over guys.” At times, Syracuse turned the game into an offensive showcase. Hughes often dribbled past his defenders, and in ways only Hughes can do for Syracuse, and made it look effortless. Midway through the second half, he faked a drive to the basket. As his defender failed to stop quickly and stumbled, Hughes stepped back and drilled a jump shot. All Buddy could do was smile. “It’s just so fun playing with a guy like that, there’s some moments like that you just got to smile and have fun…this was one of the most fun games I’ve been a part of,” Buddy said.Later he caught a pass from Joe Girard III and promptly jacked a 3-pointer. He started backpedaling before the ball touched the netting. Of course it was going in.It didn’t matter where Boston College stood or where Hughes was standing. BC didn’t have an answer, and few teams all year have. “Not many people have anybody that can guard Elijah in this league,” Boeheim said. No matter where the season will go as Syracuse faces an uphill stretch to make something of what’s headed for a lost season, the Orange put on one more show. For yet another night, Hughes just balled out. Comments Published on March 3, 2020 at 9:10 pm Contact Josh: | @Schafer_44last_img read more

400 Athletes to Storm Ozoro for Awoture Eleyae Championship

first_imgOrganisers of the Dr. Awoture Eleyae Under-15 Open Athletics Championship are looking forward to an elaborate event this year, with over 400 young athletes from 25 local government areas of Delta State expected to storm Ozoro in the Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State next week.Arrival date for the 7th edition of the championship is June 18, while competition will hold between June 19 and 20.The Dr. Awoture Eleyae Athletics Championship has produced notable athletes for the Nigeria since its inception, including 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medalist in the long jump, Ese Brume (2013), sprinter Divine Oduduru (2014) and quarter-miler, Praise Idamadudu (2015). Oduduru made history recently by winning his first NCAA sprint double, clocking 9.86 seconds in the 100m to become second African runner to achieve this feat. His 9.86 second is the second-fastest time in NCAA history.Other athletes who are products of the Dr. Awoture Eleyae Athletics Championships includes Usheoritse Itsekiri, who just secured qualification for Doha 2019 World Championship, blazing to a Personal Best of 10.07 seconds to win the men’s 100m at the 55th International Whitsum Festival in Rehilingen, Germany as well as Raymond Ekevwo, who broke his Personal Best record in the 100m with a big Lifetime Best of 10.02s to finish 2nd in the men’s 100m final at the 2019 South Eastern Conference (SEC) Championships in USA on May 11.Ekevwo is among the three Nigerian male sprinters alongside Oduduru and Itsekiri to qualify for the World Championship in Doha.Immediate past President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Chief Solomon Ogba said yesterday that this year’s edition of the competition would be more colourful.“We are trying to put together one of the best age-grade athletics competition for our youths to sharpen their skills and also prepare for the challenges ahead.”The Secretary of Delta State Athletics Association, Emuobo Egalasi, also confirmed yesterday that everything needed to make the event successful had been put in place.The competition is in honour of Dr. Eleyae, a former Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa, for his contributions to the nation’s athletics.Eleyae is called the doyen of Nigerian sports for his production of various former stars, including Sam Igun, David Ejoke, A.K Amun, Emilia Edet, Violet Odogwu-Nwajei and Modupe Oshikoya.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more