The national government website survey the wrong name leaders will be shut down


June 16, 2011, the Sichuan Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan Huili County Government website on the home page published an article entitled "the construction of Lixian high standard of rural highway" in the news, with obvious signs of photo synthesis. In the photo, three county leaders were "floating" over a highway, and the images showed that the leaders were "checking the newly built highway". The photo immediately after the publication of the hot friends, spoof, known as suspended". Then the Huili County Government set up micro-blog, confirmed that the photo does PS, and a public apology. read more

ZTE mobile phone defeat is natural or man made

ZTE layoffs, the size of 3000 people, of which the mobile phone sector is 600.

currently, ZTE currently has 60000 employees in the world, and this will lay off about 5%. Among them, the global mobile phone business sector will lay off 600 people, accounting for 10% of the total number of mobile phone sector employees.

China mobile phone business sector layoffs will be more than 20%, will be completed in the first quarter of this year." One executive said truthfully.

in addition, ZTE mobile phone overseas company insiders said that his department was asked in January of this year before the end of 10% layoffs. Some of the staff was also named must be cut, because they had tried to apply for rival HUAWEI, is regarded as "unstable factors.". read more

Guoxin office to investigate and deal with 110 jurisprudence site illegal account was closed 3300

Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Shi Jingnan) 20 reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, Guoxin office to carry out the "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action, since January this year, Guoxin office has prosecute pornographic websites 110, close relevant channels, columns 250, closed micro blog and WeChat, blogs, forums and other types of accounts more than 3 thousand and 300, shutting down more than 7 thousand advertising links, delete jurisprudence information of more than 20. read more

Thousand Oaks group jointly Zhaopin business network to break the impasse

day before, are listed in the process of the two companies, Qianxiang interactive group and Zhaopin, jointly launched the first China commtech business network — graticule. Thousand Oaks Group official said the "Securities Daily", different from the traditional business networking sites, Jingwei network will business network with high quality, social search engine based on QA pattern integration, create high efficiency and high quality information privacy and social network, and ultimately trust and intelligence share. read more

The news website face the editor for you write 140 words Twitter as you choose

see a good article on a website, what do you usually do?

yes, a lot of people will take the initiative to share a variety of social tools, micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends, etc.. And, you have to say something to share it, to mention a few feelings, pick a paragraph of the core point of view of the article.

and if you share the "Losangeles times" website article, you don’t have to worry about how to write a summary, or brains pondering how to fill the blank of 140 words in the micro-blog input box, because the new revision of the "Losangeles times" official website made a decision at the start of each: this paper put out a piece of writing, provided in advance by the editor of the 3-4 word share content (format is an unpublished Twitter post), the user can choose any one of their own heart, to share directly to twitter. read more

Forbes comments on China’s 8 leading innovative industries micro payment courier list

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on December 1st news, "the article said:" Forbes online edition of the journal, although China is famous for manufacturing factories, but also developed some amazing innovative products and services. Forbes list of China’s leading 8 other countries in the world’s innovation industry, micro payment, cheap smart machines, high-speed rail, etc..

the following is an abstract:

for a long time, China has always been famous for its manufacturing plants in the world. The evidence is ample: for example, in 2011, China produced 90% of the world’s PC, air conditioning, solar cells, solar cells, 74% of the mobile phone, about 70% of the total number of mobile phones in the world, by about 80%. read more

Web site can not access the nternet insiders said the site was attacked

webmaster network September 2nd news, there are users to reflect the new network Admin5 webmaster network official website page can not be normal access, leading to many owners can not be normal business.

webmaster network editor then call the Xinwanghulian staff, Xinwanghulian responsible person is the current site by unknown network attacks, the specific reason is to check the site engineer now returned to normal when a site is uncertain, please wait patiently for our customers.

as of press time, the official website of the new network is still not normal access. read more

Foreign SNS game providers to enter China with the platform and then force

the total number of Internet users in China has reached 404 million, of which social networking site user base of up to 191 million. Ministry of industry in April 2010 released the latest Internet industry data show that social networking sites are affecting and changing the lives of Internet users, the number of users of social networking sites can not be ignored. The increase in the number of users of social networking sites, but also for the next round of social games growth opportunities.

this is a huge market potential, it is clear that foreign companies have seen. RockYou, Cyworld, Zynga followed by a signal. read more

The day you need to know the nternet event

today is a good day, the first day of the festival, the work started down! In February 14, national recognized the child dog day! 70 years ago today, the electronic computer was born…… Maybe you are still immersed in the new year relaxed and happy, you may have to open the circle of friends sun loving, those distant dreams are still waiting for you in the distance.

new journey has been opened! In the new year, we must rely on ourselves to achieve better ourselves!

along with the small series of rationale for this period of time you need to understand the Internet "change". read more

FacebookChat downloads break 4000 million profit overwhelmed

Beijing on June 8th news, reports from foreign media, feature phone version of Facebook chat application Facebook Chat downloads exceeded 40 million times 18 months after the release, the application of daily downloads has reached about 100 thousand times. However, because Facebook Chat has not been able to bring any revenue for all its mSonar, mSonar or eventually choose to withdraw from the market.


launched 2 years ago, Facebook Chat has been praised by the majority of mobile phone users. Users can download the application from a number of application stores, including NOKIA Ovi Store to Getjar. For Facebook, the feature phone is a major challenge. Currently, the mobile phone market share is still as high as 76%, while the growth of Facebook is mainly from the popularity of mobile phone market, including Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, etc.. read more