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PREMIERE: Midtown Social Releases Funky California Soul Single “Socialite Boogie”

first_imgSan Francisco soul, funk, and rock ensemble Midtown Social is freshly squeezed and downright irresistible. The band’s nine members (Aaron Joseph – keys and vocals, Kisura Nyoto – vocals, Richard Julia – drums, Rory Matthews – guitar, Sarah Rice – bass, Adam Rubinger – percussion, Lydia Eysellenne – violin, Teddy Raven – saxophone and flute, and Whitney Moses – vocals) form a collaborative community of writers, arrangers and artists. On April 14th, the California good-timers will release their self-titled full-length debut album. Today, Live For Live Music is proud to premiere the fruits of Midtown Social’s artistic brain trust–their soulfully sunny new single “Socialite Boogie”:Says keyboardist/vocalist Aaron Joseph, “This track in many ways personifies the heart and soul of Midtown Social because it’s about, and was written for, our community. It imagines that one moment of a day when you’re allowed to forget the problems and worries of the world and just be yourself. We’d like to dedicate this track to all our ‘socialites’ out there who know how to be themselves and aren’t afraid to bring the party.”Following the release of their debut EP Down On Sixth, as rates of eviction and homelessness soared due to technology-driven corporate gentrification in the Bay Area, Midtown Social began hosting charitable fundraisers, including one for the Homeless Youth Alliance. With San Francisco flush with tech money but wracked by police violence and deepening social tensions, the band decided their next release should stand as a voice for the people. Midtown Social documents the struggle to make art in a city and a society divided against itself. Recorded at John Vanderslice’s magical, all-analog Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco with engineer Jamie Riotto, the new album captures Midtown Social’s raw live sound without any unnecessary ornamentation.The band will hold a record release party at THE MEZZANINE in San Francisco on Saturday, April 5th with help from Antonio Guedes & The Chilaqueles and Down North. For tickets to the album release, head here. For more information on the Midtown Social and their upcoming album, head to the band’s website.last_img read more

Reading the president’s mind

first_imgJon Favreau has been called the president’s mind reader, by none other than Barack Obama himself. But during a visit to Harvard Kennedy School on Wednesday, the former director of speechwriting at the White House — a veteran of both of Obama’s presidential campaigns — stressed that there’s nothing supernatural about the day-to-day grind of putting words in the mouth of the commander in chief.“Your only goals are to clearly explain simple policies in as little words as possible, and then spend as much time as you can … inspiring people,” Favreau said.Favreau sat down in the packed John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum for a conversation with David Gergen, director of the Center for Public Leadership and himself a onetime presidential speechwriter — for Richard Nixon. (Gergen was also an adviser for Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.)It was a fitting venue, given that Favreau’s relationship with Obama closely parallels that of John F. Kennedy and his famous speechwriter, Ted Sorensen, Gergen said. Indeed, just as Sorensen helped Kennedy develop his distinctive voice while working closely with him during his Senate career, Favreau crossed paths with Obama at a similar turning point.The two met when Favreau was only 22, the day Obama was set to give the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, a speech that would catapult him to national prominence. Favreau’s role in that moment was less than illustrious, he said.His job, as a staffer for presidential nominee John Kerry, was to ask Obama to remove a line from his speech so that Kerry could use it instead.“He’s like, who the hell is this kid?” Favreau recalled of Obama’s reaction. “I thought that was the last I’d ever hear from Barack Obama.” But after Kerry lost in November: “I had no job, and I got an email from [Obama adviser Robert] Gibbs that said, ‘It turns out Barack Obama needs a speechwriter.’”Favreau became the Illinois senator’s only speechwriter. Before a speech they would sit in Obama’s office “and he would talk for 20 or 30 minutes and I would type as fast as I could,” Favreau said. (“I’m a horrible note taker,” he explained. “My penmanship’s like a second grader’s.”)“He’d been a lecturer at the University of Chicago, and [Obama’s speeches] were a little more professorial,” Favreau said. “He did learn over time the campaign cadence … but he never let go of the authenticity and the logic of how he wanted to structure a speech. The lawyer in him very much comes out when he’s writing a speech, because not only will he give me a nice line or great rhetoric, he will say, ‘I want the speech structured. Here’s 1. Here’s 1A. Here’s 1B.’”Other voices were often in the mix, Favreau said. When President Obama took office in January 2009, his speechwriting staff faced the task of explaining to the public a financial crash and looming economic downturn they themselves barely understood.“I hadn’t even taken an economics class,” Favreau said. “I learned economics from Tim Geithner and Larry Summers and the State Department in the middle of the economic crisis — which was good. I was like, we can teach the American people at the same time.”Favreau rejected the common criticism that Obama can often be cold and aloof.“He’s the least remote person I could imagine,” Favreau said. “He’s warm, he’s friendly, he’s patient. He’s never — in all the stress he’s been under, in all the situations he’s been in — yelled at me, raised his voice, walked out of a room really angry.”Though it’s true, he said, that the president sometimes struggles to project the typical politician’s charm.“He doesn’t do artifice well; he doesn’t do shtick well,” Favreau said. “He knows who he is, he believes who he is, and he’s not going to put on some façade just because he’s supposed to glad-hand with someone.”Favreau left the White House on March 1 intending to pursue screenwriting. It was a big leap for the 31-year-old, who started working for Obama just two years after he had graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester.After eight years of speechwriting, he said, focusing purely on creative projects will be a challenge.“I have totally lost my own voice,” said Favreau, who studied Obama’s writings so intensely that he took to carrying a copy of “Dreams From My Father,” the president’s memoir, at all times. “To some extent the way I write will always be a sort of shadow of how he writes.????last_img read more

Amelie Musical to Receive World Premiere in California

first_img Paris has taken the musical theater scene by storm in the United States recently, with Gigi and An American in Paris starting soon on Broadway, Can-Can recently finishing a run in New Jersey, the world premeire of Jason Robert Brown’s My Paris and the reportedly Broadway-bound N – The Queen of Paris.  Additional information, including casting, will be announced at a later date. No plans have yet been confirmed regarding the musical’s Broadway bow. The Berkeley Rep season will also include The Hypocrites’ Pirates of Penzance, Macbeth, Treasure Island adapted and directed by Tony winner Mary Zimmerman, the world premiere of Julia Cho’s Aubergine and the West Coast premiere of the Pulitzer-winning play Disgraced, which recently concluded its Broadway run. An addition to the lineup will be announced later. Amélie tells the story of a young girl who was home-schooled by her mother and cultivated a very active imagination. The show details her life in Paris as she helps those around her try to find love, and ultimately falls in love herself.center_img Amélie Poulain is heading to the stage! The musical adaptation of the 2001 French film Amélie will receive its world premiere at California’s Berkeley Repertory Theatre this August. As reported in 2013, the tuner will feature a score by Daniel Messé, lyrics by Messé and Nathan Tysen and a book by Craig Lucas. Tony winner Pam MacKinnon will direct. View Commentslast_img read more

Four Questions for Ultra Runner Dan Lehmann

first_imgMy original thought was for the Appalachian Crossing to be a special, one-time adventure. But after the run, two of the many remarks from runners were: “You can’t do this thing again because it will never go this smoothly” and “I want help crew the next time.” Thus the Appalachian Crossing 2009 was born. There are five runners signed up to date, all ladies! Another guy and I are working on a 165-mile loop in the Cranberry Backcountry and Williams River area. We’ll do this as an unsupported run some day. I’ve also thought about extending the Appalachian Crossing into Virginia and completing the rest of the mountain range. This would require some help from our ultra friends in the Old Dominion. I was intrigued by the notion of a trail route from the west slope of the Appalachians east across the mountains to the Virginia state line on top of Shenandoah Mountain. I have always loved maps and the idea of “finding your way” physically and metaphorically. I thought that a few other runners might also enjoy the adventure of a long run with limited aid and overnight camping. Dan LehmannDan LehmannWhat made you decide to run across the mountains of West virginia? Dan Lehmann, a 58-year old veteran ultra runner and president of the West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners, was the mastermind behind the 2007 Appalachian Crossing, a 120-mile, four-day adventure run across the rugged mountains dividing West Virginia and Virginia. Lehmann and his cohorts liked the run so much, he’s planning a repeat for August 2009. Why run the Appalachian Crossing again? Last August I was accompanying Bradley Mongold on part of his 300-mile Allegheny Trail run. That time of year bear hunters train their dogs for the upcoming fall season. The boys and their dogs had been about the woods all day and apparently treed a few bears. Around sunset, as we ran along a fine trail in dense rhododendron and hardwoods, we heard a scrambling in the trees above. That bear came 40 feet down that tree right next to us and was gone before we knew what happened. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen while running trails? Any other mountain ranges you’d like to run across?last_img read more

CFPB to hold debt collection town hall May 8

first_imgThe CFPB will hold a town hall focused on debt collection May 8. The bureau’s fall rulemaking agenda indicated that it would issue a rule related to debt collection practices this spring; NAFCU maintains that credit unions should not be the target of future debt collection rules.NAFCU will attend next week’s town hall in Philadelphia, Pa., which is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. Eastern; it will also be available via livestream. Register to attend in person or access the livestream here.The bureau recently released an annual report to Congress on its enforcement of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The report revealed that debt collection was the most prevalent topic of consumer complaints in 2018; it also highlighted efforts by the bureau and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to stop unlawful debt collection practices. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

Bravo Karlovac! Joint promotion of the Tourist Board of the city of Karlovac and Karlovac caterers

first_imgInvitation of the Tourist Board of the City of Karlovac to participate in the promotion jointly named “For a beer in Karlovac” Numerous Karlovac caterers have already responded, and the action will last from August 21 to September 4 2020. The events should be just the icing on the cake and a great upgrade, but without a year-round base and a rounded story, there is no real effect. Everything that is one-time is one-time and effect. Also, it is extremely important that the cooperation is agreed with the catering facilities, in order to increase tourist spending and then stay within the local economy. As they point out from the Karlovac Tourist Board, the goal is for visitors to Karlovac and Karlovac attractions to know the specialty of Karlovac in this segment of the offer of quality draft and bottled beers that Karlovac caterers have to offer. “This will further improve the story of Karlovac as a traditional beer destination. This year, when there is no Karlovac Beer Days event due to the pandemic, this activity is especially important due to the support to caterers, but also due to the fact that despite the absence of the Karlovac event, beer lovers have a lot to offer. As part of this campaign, caterers will take into account the recommendations and epidemiological measures for their facilities so that all visitors can safely and responsibly enjoy”Point out from the Karlovac Tourist Board. During June and July, the Karlovac Tourist Board conducted an online campaign on Facebook and Instagram to promote a special offer of dishes prepared with beer in Karlovac restaurants on the domestic market. The campaign reached 400.000 people, and the website with a prominent offer of beer specialties was viewed by over 15.000 visitors, they point out from the Karlovac Tourist Board and add: “The campaign contributed to the increase in the number of visitors and traffic in the restaurants participating in the campaign, namely: tavern Črni kos, bistro Kastel ,, restaurant Dobra hotela Korana Srakovčić, Kristal, bistro Palma, Lovački rog, restaurant M-90, restaurant Pod starimi roofs and restaurant Tempo” Beer event in Karlovac as a continuation of gastro branding Well done to Karlovac and a great proactive campaign that certainly creates a motive for coming, and not some mosaic campaign without a story that has long since lost its meaning. A logical and rounded campaign, which can rightly now position the city of Karlovac as a city of beer, and not just through one event. center_img The Tourist Board of the city of Karlovac, as part of the IQM project, is working on positioning Karlovac as a quality gastronomic and beer destination. Beer is one of the trademarks of the Karlovac region, known for its brewing tradition.  Dishes prepared with beer are a special feature of Karlovac restaurants this summer season. These are thematic menus discovered by visitors to Karlovac. The offer of the restaurant is very imaginative, local ingredients are used in the preparation of meals and the local gastronomic story is told together.  Photo: Out of Focus In August, the Tourist Board of the City of Karlovac will, in addition to offering beer menus, include in this promotional campaign Karlovac’s catering facilities – cafes offering different types of beer. last_img read more

Letting BI supervise banks could backfire, experts warn

first_imgTransferring the Financial Services Authority’s (OJK) supervision over banking back to Bank Indonesia (BI) could cause investors to lose confidence in the country, experts have warned.Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef) economist Eko Listiyanto said on Friday that the move could create more uncertainties in the country’s financial sector amid an already risk-filled COVID-19 situation.Such a move, he added, could signal that institutions that were supposed to be independent of the government were easily influenced by political interests. One Reuters source said the government was looking at the French structure, where an independent administrative authority under the central bank oversees banking.However, presidential expert staff member Dini Shanti Purwono denied the claim. “There has not been any official discussion of the matter so far,” she told the Post.Neither BI nor the OJK had responded to the Post’s request for comment by the time of writing.The report came after a Cabinet meeting on June 18 where Jokowi said he would reshuffle the Cabinet or even disband government agencies if he felt they had not done enough to tackle the crises brought about by the pandemic.The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) concluded earlier this year that aspects of the OJK’s supervision were not in line with prevailing regulations.Although Eko acknowledged that the OJK’s supervision was far from satisfactory, he said the government should reflect on its response to the pandemic before accusing the OJK of ineffective supervision.“The government should remember that this was caused by its delayed response to the pandemic, which then caused disruptions to the real sector and hit the financial sector,” he said.Indonesia’s loan growth slowed to 5.7 percent year-on-year (yoy) in April, from 7.9 percent recorded in March, Bank Indonesia (BI) data shows. The outbreak has depressed loan demand and disrupted business activity, and some borrowers are facing difficulties repaying their loans.As of June 22, the country’s banks had restructured loans worth a total of Rp 695.3 trillion for 6.35 million borrowers, in accordance with a recent OJK regulation that instructed financial institutions to provide relief for borrowers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.Banking expert Paul Sutaryono said the central bank would have to carry heavier responsibilities if the plan went ahead.“If OJK’s supervision is deemed unsatisfactory, it doesn’t mean the OJK should be disbanded and its supervisory function brought back to BI,” he said. “It would be wiser if the top management was changed.”“Its supervision needs to be improved – not only its quality, such as human resources and the supervision volume, but also the number of the supervisors,” he added.Heri Gunawan, a Gerindra politician and member of House of Representatives Commission XI overseeing financial affairs, said a proposal currently on the House’s priority legislation list to revise regulations governing BI might also include discussions about returning the supervisory and regulatory function to the central bank.“However, I think we should conduct a comprehensive study before deciding on it because it will make BI’s task a lot harder,” he said.Topics : “This is a political move. President Jokowi [Joko Widodo] should really think about the repercussions and impact on investor confidence in Indonesia,” he told The Jakarta Post, urging the government to focus instead on its efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.Once foreign investors started to lose their confidence in the country, Eko said, Indonesia would face tougher challenges. Foreign investment could leave the country and weaken the rupiah exchange rate, and it could be harder for the government to obtain funding for pandemic-related measures.According to a Reuters report, Jokowi is considering issuing an emergency decree to return banking regulation to the central bank because of his dissatisfaction with the OJK’s performance during the pandemic.The OJK was established in 2011 to oversee financial institutions. It was modeled on the financial services regulatory structure the prevailed in the United Kingdom at the time. The OJK assumed the role of regulator and supervisor of banks in 2013, taking the responsibility from the central bank.last_img read more

US coronavirus fraud losses near $100m as COVID scams double

first_imgTogether they accounted for about a third of more than 150,000 instances of COVID-related fraud reported nationally by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from mid-March, when the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, through July, the report showed.Those cases have cost victims a total of $97.5 million to date, according to the FTC.Even relatively small states saw huge spikes in COVID-related fraud in recent months, led by Maine, whose monthly complaints of coronavirus scams and identity theft quadrupled between March and July, the study said.The report was published by the internet-based nonprofit group, which helps consumers avoid being defrauded online by determining the true identity of individuals or organizations hiding behind a phony persona.Scams taking advantage of Americans’ desperation in the midst of a deadly pandemic and accompanying economic upheaval “are running rampant,” said Richard Neil, a spokesman for the report’s authors.Several newly flourishing forms of fraud involve fake promises of government stimulus checks, often perpetuated through “robocalls,” texts, or emails seeking personal and financial information the caller supposedly needs to deposit benefits into the victim’s account, according to the report.Price-gouging and other consumer product scams have also become widespread, the study warned.Topics : United States losses from coronavirus-related fraud and identity theft have reached nearly US$100 million since the pandemic emerged in March, while complaints of COVID-19 scams have at least doubled in most states, a consumer protection group said on Tuesday.A report from the group, based on government data, highlighted the vast scope of a fast-growing criminal cottage industry – from phony stimulus-check offers to shopping scams and fake cures – preying on Americans already distressed by the pandemic and its economic fallout.Perhaps not surprisingly, the study found California, Florida, New York, Texas and Pennsylvania – the most populous of the 50 US states – to be the five most targeted by coronavirus scams in the country.last_img read more

BLOG: Home Holiday Safety Tips for Pennsylvanians

first_img December 21, 2015 BLOG: Home Holiday Safety Tips for Pennsylvanians Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: Holidays,  PSA,  The Blog By Teresa Miller, Insurance Commissioner, and Tim Solobay, Fire CommissionerThe holiday season is a festive time, which often means homes are decorated and family and friends visit. In order to keep this season happy and safe, we have tips to offer to Pennsylvanians on how to avoid potentially dangerous and costly situations.Fire SafetyFirst, while holiday lights and candles give a home a holiday glow, they can also pose a fire hazard. One way to avoid this hazard is to purchase artificial candles, which can look very realistic, while also giving you peace of mind.Be sure to choose decorations that are flame resistant or flame retardant, and keep all holiday greenery, including trees, well-watered.In addition, never leave burning candles or cooking appliances unattended, and keep children and pets away from open flames and hot surfaces.If a string of lights has a worn or broken cord, or any loose bulb connections, replace it. Try to avoid connecting more than three strands of lights on a tree. Be sure to turn off all lights before leaving home or going to bed.Holiday Party SafetyHoliday party hosts should also be aware of the legal responsibilities that go with holding a gathering in their home. This is especially true if alcohol is being served.Hosts can be held legally responsible for guests’ actions after they leave a party. Social host liability can have consequences for someone who serves liquor to a guest.Homeowners insurance often provides some liquor liability coverage, but this coverage varies by policy. Party hosts should review their policy or discuss their coverage with their insurance professional.There are several ways to make sure guests get home safely from holiday parties, such as:Stop serving liquor toward the end of the party;Switch to coffee, tea, or soft drinks;If a guest appears to have had too much to drink or seems too tired to drive home, arrange for a ride or offer for that guest to stay at your home.Gift-GivingIf you are planning to give, or expecting to receive, expensive gifts — such as jewelr>y, electronics, or other costly items — you should review your homeowners insurance to make sure you have enough coverage for these expensive items.Unwrapped gifts, especially more expensive ones, should not be left visible through windows.Be Safe, Relax, Enjoy the HolidayThe holidays are a time to relax and enjoy getting together with family and friends. By applying a few common sense safety ideas, you can make sure your holiday gatherings remain happy ones you will want to remember for years to come.For fire safety tips, visit the Office of the State Fire Commissioner on Facebook.For homeowners insurance information, visit, and click on Home under Top Pages. SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

How to turn your home into a holiday paradise

first_imgByron Bay Hanging Chairs, 70s Swing Chair Single, $499. It’s simple really.One hanging chair in a house is never enough.Well, that’s according to Byron Bay Hanging Chairs founder Leanne Dunnings who believes now the holiday season is coming to an end, many are looking to create a similar vibe at home.Ms Dunnings said creating a holiday feel within your home was achievable. “Hanging chairs are a great accent chair, so why not bring them into your home,” she said.“They look great in a corner of a bedroom, sunroom, the living room or, of course, on your deck.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus14 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market14 hours agoShe said hanging chairs were typically used in outdoor spaces and looked great on any Queensland veranda.“They offer a nostalgic, relaxed vibe that go hand-in-hand with the beautiful Queenslander-style homes,” she said.“We’ve seen them in all styles of homes. “They really are versatile in their look. “For example modern homes may feature black hanging chairs, beach houses often have white, and the natural cane really does look great in any home that wants to offer a relaxed vibe.“They make you feel like you are on holiday.”Ms Dunnings said with busy lifestyles it was important to slow down, kick off your shoes and feel like a kid again by sitting in a hanging chair.last_img read more