How to join the first Xinyi Ganmian skin

industry is a wealth of industry agglomeration is a kind of dragons and fishes jumbled together in the industry, what brands have many similar brands compete, and want to find a strong competitive strength of the brand is difficult to join. The first wrapper is a new brand, currently under development, with good prospects for development.

how to join Xinyi first Ganmian skin

Xinyi City, under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu City, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is located at the junction of Shandong two, located in East 117° 59 ~ 118° 39 ‘, 07’ – latitude 34° 34° 26 ‘, north of Shandong Tancheng County, south across the river, Luoma Lake and Suqian River, the West and the city of Pizhou adjacent to the East and the East China Sea, Shuyang county is adjacent to two, north gate of Jiangsu". How Xinyi’s first wrapper to join


first joined Ganmian skin conditions:

1, fully recognized corporate culture and products

2, accept the headquarters management, abide by the headquarters system

3, with a strong desire

4, have a strong sense of career

5, a wealth of dreams

6, good reputation and interpersonal relationship

The first

wrapper procedure:

1, through the official website and telephone consultation

2, headquarters invited franchisee

3, signed a contract

4, site decoration

5, opening trial business

6, the official business

7, headquarters support

believes that through the introduction of more than you have on how to join the first wrapper process have a more systematic understanding, if you still have what not understand or want to know please leave a message on our website.

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