Shandong college students to start a business plan to lead the maximum loan 3 million

now many college students have become the main force of the business at the same time, all localities and departments to actively promote college students entrepreneurs to achieve business goals, launched a series of measures to help solve the loans, venture capital problem.

8 1, the Shandong provincial Party committee and the provincial government jointly issued the "opinions on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion"). "Opinions" pointed out that the future of Shandong province will encourage universities to set reasonable innovation credit, establish innovative credit accumulation and transfer system, students will carry out innovative experiments, published papers, patents and independent enterprise and converted into credits, students will participate in research projects, and other activities as experimental courses. Provincial universities will implement flexible educational system, broaden students age, allowing adjustment of academic process, retain the school school of innovation and entrepreneurship. Encourage social organizations, public interest organizations, enterprises and institutions and individuals to set up venture capital funds.


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