Top ten jewelry brands

although the big brand of jewelry processing costs are very expensive, but jewelry, after all, is different from the general small adorn article, people choose to buy big brands. For this reason, will form the top ten jewelry brands, I believe there will be a very important reference for your choice, will help more people to choose the right jewelry products.

jewelry ten brands list NO.1, Zhou Dafu: founded in 1929 in Hongkong, Asia’s largest jeweler, one of China’s most famous and most of the jewelry brands, jewelry Co., Ltd., Zhou Dafu jewelry.

ten jewelry brand rankings: NO.2, Laofengxiang began in 1848, won the China brand, the time-honored jewelry, large enterprise groups, ten jewelry brand, Asia’s top 500 brands, Shanghai Laofengxiang Co. ltd..

ten jewelry brand rankings: Zhou Shengsheng NO.3, in 1934, one of the largest domestic jewelry retailer, the Asia Pacific region famous brand, specializing in the production of jewelry enterprises, Zhou Shengsheng (China) Business Co. ltd..

ten jewelry brand rankings: NO.4, Ming was founded in 1987, was awarded the China famous jewelry industry leading enterprises, industry iconic brand jewelry, ten brands, Zhejiang Ming jewelry Limited by Share Ltd.

jewelry ten brand list NO.5, old temple: founded in 1906, the Chinese old, Shanghai famous brand, China famous brand products, China’s 500 most valuable brands, Shanghai old temple gold Co., ltd..

ten jewelry brand ranking NO.6, Luk Fook: founded in 1991, ten jewelry brand, Hongkong famous brand products, specializing in jewelry production of large-scale enterprise group, Guangzhou Luk Fook jewelry Co. ltd..

jewelry ten brands list NO.7, Zhou Dasheng: founded in 1999, was awarded China famous brand, famous diamond brand, professional commitment to jewelry design and production of large enterprises,, Limited by Share Ltd.

ten jewelry brand rankings, NO.8 Gold: Hongkong large jewellery group company, specializing in jewelry design / production / sales enterprises, ten gold jewelry / jewelry brand, industrial development (Shenzhen) Co., ltd..

ten jewelry brand ranking NO.9, Caibai BAI: Chinese time-honored brand, won the Chinese, an influential brand in the industry, specializing in jewelry production enterprise, Beijing Caishikou Department Store Co. ltd..

jewelry top ten list

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