What are the problems in the gym Market

although many people want to run the gym, it seems that the market is indeed a huge Hi, however, the current market as a whole there are a lot of problems. As entrepreneurs, only to understand the various problems that exist in the market, to be able to decide whether it is worth investing in the industry. So, what are the problems in the gym?

according to statistics, only Beijing city has a variety of fitness places of more than 1 thousand, which has invested tens of millions of yuan, an area of thousands of square meters of large international chain brand fitness club, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars of investment of small and medium-sized fitness places. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the rapid development of the fitness club, but in the interior of the fitness industry, after a period of operation, some gym is difficult and a miserable. The difficulty of these clubs is the abbreviation of the operation of many health clubs.

operations, facilities abroad, the lack of personalized.

fitness and leisure industry in our country is in the initial stage, and investors in this market conditions, the show is often the lack of deep understanding of the fitness and leisure market. A number of domestic high-end clubs with similar foreign well-known clubs as a sample, from the introduction of equipment to the management of the full introduction, did not fully take into account the people’s spending habits and cultural differences between the East and the west.

and the big investment makes the high cost of fitness, so that the majority of fitness enthusiasts to bear fitness costs, resulting in the phenomenon of niche. And some small and medium-sized clubs and well-known clubs to do the model, the sketch, the result is often failure. And really belong to the club’s personality is very few things, so that, leading to a huge contrast between the reality and the ideal of the gym.

competition with the industry, resulting in multiple defeats are injured.

the majority of clubs operating projects, market positioning, marketing strategy similar. The industry has been circulating, 80% of the club to grab the consumer of 20%. In addition, the fitness market is not standardized, the provisions of the rules are less and lack of industry protection, making the market competition is not orderly, and ultimately, like some household appliances, like the dead end of the price war.

operating income, the proportion of serious imbalance.

the vast majority of fitness clubs in the current sales of membership cards, revenue accounted for more than 80% of total revenue. As a result, once the membership card sales are not expected to complete the target or there are some unexpected events, it will make the operation of the gym into a passive. While foreign fitness club membership fee accounted for only 60% of total revenue, as well as the floor is consumed in the field, such as nutrition, clothing, etc..


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