How do college students start their own business What are you going to do

with the continuous development of rural areas, more and more rural college students, eager to have some, as a result of their own career. How do college students start their own business? What are you going to do? Through the analysis and comparison of the rural students start a large number of cases, because of the traditional concepts of social, physiological and psychological factors, the entrepreneurial process of rural college students still have their unique features, get a lot of useful lessons from below, may wish to look at!

small for large

may be born, women care about most likely a small profit, the lack of a broad mind, a pick sesame and watermelon throwing suspect. Do business to invest first, no pay no gain, vision needs to be put in the long run, the pursuit of the overall maximum benefit rather than the interests of a certain stage to maximize. In order to grow steadily for a long period of time, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice temporary interests. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, sometimes covet small profits but bring greater losses.

: rational thinking

sense of adventure


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