Jiangxi County of Wuning Province Zhuchaoyinfeng push entrepreneurship increase employment

entrepreneurship is the focus of the development of provinces, with the implementation of management policies, more and more people don’t work out, there are more and more college students choose to bed will have a home business, ease the employment problem across the country. Jiangxi County of Wuning province also attaches great importance to management work, Zhuchaoyinfeng push entrepreneurship increase employment.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call already familiar to the masses. In recent years, Jiangxi County of Wuning province to expand the employment opportunity, actively strengthen entrepreneurial base construction, promote public entrepreneurship and innovation, to achieve employment less actively create and provide the necessary conditions for entrepreneurs.

reduce the access threshold, key industry support. At present, the county has a total of 3 business incubators, business park 1 migrant workers, the 4 bases are for ordinary entrepreneurs, continue to lower the base access threshold, and strive to make more entrepreneurs can enjoy the base of high quality environment.

in the industry, focusing on the Wuning County Leading Industry entrepreneurial projects, the six major industries in the green photoelectric and biological medicine as the representative, the industry has become a major part of entrepreneurial base project. At the same time, actively support the market prospects of emerging industries as well as high-tech industrial venture projects, to provide some impetus to the optimization of industrial structure.

entrepreneurship is brought about by the change, create value, promote the development, but also bring more employment opportunities, development of the provinces economy, it is necessary to push entrepreneurship increase employment as the focus.



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