Thanksgiving webmaster experience Positioning Strategy Strategy & development strategy station type

"as a university student I didn’t study hard for love on the network, I did not play the game for love to do stand, not love because I love the Internet," today I do stand three years since the hematemesis experience, return to the Admin5 platform, is also dedicated to every webmaster the inside of the platform, if there is not Admin5 maybe now I also like other people in the talent market in the face of people army, if it was not inside the Admin5 Webmaster Help to me now I don’t have Internet life. Now let’s talk about what the site really does to be truly successful.

1. Locate websites, learn strategies, and lead strategies and methods to guide positioning.

strategy in the Internet is called with the method, the development of countermeasures, a freshman I saw in the dormitory dormitory students is playing this game perfect world, they can be called truly feiqinwangsi. As I watched, I thought, "a game can still be so attractive. Then, I’ll build a forum for a perfect world,


the perfect world has changed my life, and this is what I often say now. I want to 2 months, a lot of people in the Admin5 forum to ask, how to establish the perfect forum, how to develop the perfect forum method is to come out of the strategy is to exercise, 2 months I locate a development site, that is the perfect integration of the entire game. Here, I reminded the webmaster a sentence, if the webmaster has problems, you can choose to go to the A5 question and answer inside, don’t for 10 yuan money, missed his life.

two. Do station strategy, countermeasures communication is essential.

to do a simple station is divided into three steps, domain name, server and program, when buying a domain name must be used methods, formal official domain name is not cheap, buy agent is not stable, it is very important to choose a good trading platform. I was not in the official website to buy the domain name because there is so much money, nor in the agency to buy domain concern is deceived, but entered the domain name: Admin5 trading area, the I bought the domain name only spent 20 yuan, 20 yuan for the domain name now, I created the income of at least $20 thousand. This is the strategy, this is my experience of development strategy.

server leasing is a big learning, the mainland server to record, but wins in security and stability. The foreign server do not record the price below, but stability is not high, as a college student, I don’t have much money, a month hundreds of yuan, I is how to keep a safe and stable server? That is to take a monthly payment. This is a strategy used in the monthly money difficulties, then I have to pay the Income Raising in third months when the server hire server, here I suggest webmaster in >

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