Wind and rain a year and the results of the network together

on Sunday, April 1, 2007, Nanjing sunny has an east wind [registration result net]

found a Web Alliance by accident. Check it out and think it’s a good League! Decide to register!


today is April Fool’s day, I hope this alliance will not fool me:)


experience postscript:

felt the union was good for the following reasons:

advertising projects more than " shows that the results of the network and advertisers harmonious relationship, good reputation

registered webmaster multi " my 07 years registered in April, ID has been ranked 17818, everybody is really good

forum lifeless " shows that there are not many webmaster in the forum "cry, cry", "shouting", "deduction" and so on, are busy making money, so rarely go to the Forum; if which


alliance special bad, you see it in every webmaster forum will break was ~ ~, or simply did not dare to put the ~~~


(of course, recently I’m doing a 3rd Anniversary essay contest, it’s called a fire!)


on Tuesday, April 3, 2007, Nanjing cloudy [through results net review]

landing results network, see my website has passed the audit. To apply for advertising: DHC, mechanical network of excellence (CPA) and 51JOB on the promotion of enterprise promotion,

Elite Edition

resumes resume registration and applies for 4 ads in one breath. And wait for the review.


experience postscript:


application principle, the content of the ad is related to the theme of my website (DHC exception). My station is the vertical download station for electromechanical software.

1. mechanical excellence network needless to say, just stand with me related, but also not complementary;

2.51job advertising code is very comprehensive, select it because there is recruitment of machinery category post advertising code;

3. elite recruitment >

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