ALENG a simple comparison of CNZZ and 51’s two free statistics websites

has recently been leaking in the rain, followed by Baidu and Google continued to pull hair and keyword in serious decline at the same time, it has been found using 51 statistics free service is also abnormal situation, extremely depressed, statistics changed CNZZ, so think of a simple comparison of the two major free statistical service website.

had seen a webmaster of the two statistics service website to do comparison, roughly read, did not pay attention to the conclusion of the article, actually I have been using the 51 statistics, CNZZ has been used for a period of time, felt are similar, so once again ripped off, but in 51. In the process, also found some problems, summed up, respectively, make a statement.

The stability of

1 and 51 is especially bad. On this point, has been the majority of the use of 51 statistics webmaster consensus. The so-called stability, that is, the statistical service website can continue, stable and safe to provide users with effective first-hand information. The importance of the website’s statistics service is self-evident. A valuable access statistical report does not only require complete statistics, but more importantly, can not ignore any access details. And 51, statistics in these two areas are not satisfactory, and sometimes even angry. The main performance is a statistics server will appear frequently crash, another is the statistical data is not complete, will miss some access sources. For example, I recently found that 51 of the visit from Microsoft did not count, and even all missed. That’s a bad thing.

The presentation methods of

two and CNZZ are too complex. Intuitively, the statistical background of CNZZ is 51, almost nothing like two, but in fact it’s very different. For example, if you want to fast track the background of a search engine, in 51. The background, you can get the results at a glance, but on the CNZZ, I still have not found how to use this feature, and CNZZ statements to give people the feeling is too chaotic, repeat the contents, the a key task is set into several steps; this can be a statistical project content is capable of taking the wind at reduced to fragments. This is CNZZ’s fatal wound.

as a whole, CNZZ has the advantage of being stable and complete, and the advantage of 51 is that it is professional and concise. My blog now has two statistics links, although there is no more than 10000 IP traffic, but when it’s okay to look through their statistical reports, in fact, is also a happy thing.

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