The sense of achievement that makes a station is the reason that our stationmaster never speaks not

contact do stand a few years, has experienced too many do stand in the process in addition to their own website sour, sweet, bitter, hot, at every stage of development or bring their own happiness or suffering or pain or confusion, and effects of the Internet storm struck from time to time, because the resulting crackdown were implicated in the site is no sign of being closed look at yourself, result of the efforts of all of a sudden the heartache and anger come to nothing, I believe it only really hard to do stand webmaster can understand. However, although experienced so much, in the vicinity of the webmaster constantly choose to withdraw from the case, more webmaster chose to insist on, not to say no, I’m a lot of choice, stick to and stick to a webmaster. It can be said that the station do give us wealth, these experiences have become our valuable experience, in the face of all kinds of crisis have gradually become more calm, more gradually learned how to advance the plan, timely response, timely backup to prevent risks and so on, all of these let us grow continuously in training, enhance the ability to survive, which makes us more rewarding opportunities for success.

in my opinion, as a webmaster, the most exciting and courageous to me is the sense of achievement that I get when I am a station. Do different types of websites do stand a few years, every kind of website can give me a different feeling, the sense of achievement in different forms, so as long as we build confidence, good from the ordinary webmaster career found unusual, you can reap success sense, and then give us great encouragement to the development.

first, the user’s approval and stickiness is the greatest compliment to the webmaster.

first recall process do regular standing, I will listen to the advice, the first user needs and ideas on the stand, but in the aspects of website content organization, organized around the users most want to get the highest voice content, so that it can make the user on the site more you can easily access to their useful content, greatly enhance the user of the site’s affirmation, followed by recognition and user stickiness rising. When receiving the user on the website of the praise and expectations in the interactive forum, as a webmaster can gain a sense of a recognized achievement, when the site is facing difficulties and problems, the user will actively to my suggestions, even willing to provide support for their own pocket website operation, which is an important driving force let me choose do persist in the face of difficulties at the station.

second, the steady growth and steady flow will make webmaster confidence increase.

later taught himself SEO, and I was thinking of re operating a new station, through the new station test and practice of learning SEO techniques. In this new station, I have learned from the start of SEO method is the most simple, has been gradually applied to the structure of the web site to daily operation, traffic gradually began to rise, site in the search engine rankings and included are getting better, there will be a flow increase later since the advertising alliance increased profits. See constant >

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