Small and medium owners to win in China two innovation is the first competitiveness


section we mentioned small owners to be dependent on the network industry, we must pay close attention to customer loyalty, analyzes the factors of customer loyalty it into two parts: the user needs to meet the number of users convenient, users pay. And what does the website rely on to make customers more convenient to enhance the so-called loyalty? Here we mention: innovation is to improve customer loyalty, the first competitiveness.

1: the definition of innovation

how to break through innovation in the construction of the website, is the webmaster has been concerned about. With innovation, the site has a broader living space, will win more users, to meet the convenience and needs of more users. Therefore, websites copied from each other, or blindly follow the trend has become a topic. Mr. Lu Xun’s "bring in doctrine" here shows the most incisive, but some of the good things used to copy some ideas, but do not copy the whole. First of all, this is not respect for others, but also to their irresponsible, but more importantly, lost its own opportunities for innovation. The network faces a challenge that is full of opportunities, who can innovate, who will win this opportunity, in this respect, the fact is already too much. Like a micro-blog that is now in full swing, isn’t it the evolution of a blog?.

two: who for whom innovation

Before deciding on innovation,

needs to understand one thing: who for whom innovation is for whom. For different user groups, it also determines the market share and the ease of competition in the development field. After thinking of the user groups to be faced with, we should also study the development of a field, understand the past and present, so as to judge the future development. Therefore, innovation is not only for the users, but also for the development of an industry. At the same time, innovation is also a transcendence of their own, simple example: innovation is like an upgrade of the game, on a certain basis to give users a better experience. Therefore, innovation is also for their own innovation, innovation for the user.

three: how to break through innovation

in the above, we mentioned Mr. Lu Xun’s "bringing in doctrine" as a manifestation of innovation. But to say that the important thing is how to break step by step is the most critical factor in website Innovation:

1, do you know enough about your industry? The first step in breaking through innovation is to have a thorough understanding of what your website belongs to and what kind of category it belongs to. Analysis of customer components, as well as profit points, the most important thing is that the development of this industry what is the support point?. Give an example: "for example, educational websites support a rich education, on the other hand, students and teachers.". If you say "small", you can still divide it. But it has its support. For small and medium-sized webmaster, big and whole as small and dedicated. As education website can be divided into: English, the number of…… Support is still educational resources

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