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Wangzhuan master often on its own initiative, not waiting for someone to call, for example, now a lot of people in the A5 on the release of a variety of job part-time information, as well as the master to build their own website to promote their ability, for example, now there are a lot of soft site is soft, high hands to create their own nature, will be able to get more cost-effective high order, so if you want to enter the ranks of first Wangzhuan master, we must know how to make full use of their advantages to take the initiative to find more cost-effective Wangzhuan, naturally can enhance the output per unit time

many novice in Wangzhuan just joined this industry, that will earn a few dollars are difficult, such as every code! Click on the ads and so on, sometimes one day down hand back pain, earn enough to pay the net cost and electricity, to make million that is not difficult to do? But make million master also very much, that is what reason can make these earn million month master? That is to reflect the ability and quality, but these abilities and qualities are able to nurture, so when you learn the ability and quality, so make million for you it’s very easy to

this is the first pot of gold obtained by this site after the completion of the US stimulus is very large. The single was summed up, so smooth, mainly in the following points:


today as usual check IP statistics, see background there are no new messages, suddenly found another customer consultation, although usually also occasionally have several customers consulting products, but has not done a single function. See a message, but I have to see a customer release faucet products that is very interested, want to consult, then according to the customer’s EMAIL address to a letter in the past, including pictures of products, specifications, prices are similar several products together in the past, did not think second days on the back of the mail client, are satisfied with the price, and they said is the hotel chain, the amount is relatively large, and I hope we can send some samples in the past. Immediately back to the message said no problem, immediately went to the usual contact kitchenware factory, took 7 samples with different customers in different countries of the Chinese, 7 for them It is a lucky number, like the number 8 China, and the product specification and installation and use instructions are sent in the past we have detailed installation with the camera down. After receiving the customers expressed considerable satisfaction, a qualitative to buy more than 40 sets, and said that after long-term cooperation can be.

four: temptation and loneliness must stand up to

Wangzhuan inside often shocking out two or three hours a day to earn a few hundred dollars, it is not what distance month million yuan, immediately rushed to do, only to find that these are the original beautiful trap, in the world there is no Wangzhuan free lunch, there is no good things in heaven pie, but some of their own efforts to forge ahead, to be able to get.


business-with-china.net CHINA TRADE this website started years ago, basically every day to spend a few hours on this site, the first time at the end of the day is to take a look at how shlf1314 included, how many of today’s IP, although spent so much energy, but little reward.

4. in communication with the customer as far as possible for the sake of customers, wholeheartedly for customer service including we will detail the product installation instructions and their manual >.


2. update every day, found the customer consultation, timely follow-up.

those who make million master who tend to have dozens of group, and each group have been full, light is a good friend of the tens of thousands of, so they often promote what products or projects, they can instantly be gathered, they must know how to share before the warm response can certainly get my friends and you can take the initiative to help others, slowly can accumulate very strong connections, in fact, on the Internet and the reality of the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is a very strong relationship is figured out, based on the relation network in the strong network of

3. partner was in foreign trade, familiar with foreign trade this piece of the business process, and English is very good, we communicate without difficulty. And there are several fixed manufacturers, sent to customers the samples do not need to pay us.

until the entire transaction process all over, we have no reaction to come over, the whole transaction surprisingly smooth, the last count, a single to earn a share of more than 20000, more than 10000, more important is to know a foreign customers what they need, the hotel is very much, ha ha, at that time that happy ah…

three: execution must be very strong,

1. website style has always adhered to the concise, consistent with foreign user habits last friend put forward deformation in the fire isolated below has been in continuous improvement.

1: learn to look for resources and opportunities,


two: good at building relationships,

continued: do English website account with new friends to share

when look for a Wangzhuan project, it must be the first time for practice, so as to find out the advantages and disadvantages, and then integrated into their own knowledge system, then packed out and sold under the house, or home and share, so need a strong executive power to do, such as Mou Changqing and other predecessors in when the network does poineering work, often sleep two or three hours a day, a year after a long struggle, a success! So called is the need to master the necessary ability Wangzhuan strong

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