Discussion on mobile search in three major trends in the future

three: mobile search will be more personalized and localized



With the launch of Google language search

with the types of mobile devices continues to increase, the current mobile equipment mainly includes ordinary mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer equipment. Which are obtained in these devices on the search results will be different, not only between the three of them, even with the PC desktop search results we will also be different, I think this will be a major trend in mobile search results, and users on different devices to search and search behavior will be different. For the further fragmentation of the transfer equipment of search results, as we must be reasonable treatment equipment for every type of making different optimization strategies.

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mobile device market share continues to increase, so we have to say in the search industry in the future is the world of mobile search. According to statistics, the current search from mobile search traffic has reached 20%. With the development of mobile devices, this data will continue to increase. While the mobile device search increase also to optimize the industry presents new challenges, optimization of the future will be more difficult, because we need to face more search equipment. In 2012 is expected to search traffic will be doubled, reaching 40%. Rise as a webmaster can we ignore this strength, since we need to optimize the mobile search, so we need to know the mobile search in a trend in the future. The author briefly share three mobile search trends.

just launched in the last year, the Apple Corp has launched a voice service Siri voice control function. Using this function we can put our hands iPhone into an intelligent robot, can let mobile phone through the voice of the weather query, search query and so on. At the same time, the introduction of voice system operating system for Apple’s rival Android also in the short term, the innovation on the function of the mobile phone will change the search of the search behavior. The author believes that the future of mobile search will be put into a voice search way to search. Just say a few words can search, the search will enable many users to abandon cumbersome keyboard input, using voice search.

two: the search results of "fragmentation"

series of products such as encryption, search, search + nobility baby plus your world (SPYW) and so on, to further narrow the personalized search. The future of mobile search is no exception, and mobile search will become more personalized, mobile search results will be based on the search location, search preferences and personal social network information and so on. At the same time I think that mobile devices based on the characteristics of mobile devices, the search results will be more.

During the iPhone4S

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