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Shanghai dragon Effect of

Shanghai dragon behind

is now a "micro" era, many users through the mobile phone to the wireless Internet, and gradually expand the scale, therefore also touched micro-blog SNS, the development of a strong social network, so a lot of interesting content gradually appear in these places, so the search engine could not pay attention to this one. After micro-blog and SNS social network will certainly affect the keywords ranking. Now the URL around micro-blog although the will after a jump, but has an impact on the ranking. Do Shanghai dragon also need to pay attention to the changes in these aspects, or do some tests under.

the development of society depends on innovation, the development of the site due to update. The news constantly need something new enough to attract people, and the website also needs some updates, whether the information or products will gradually lose market, immutable and frozen and competitiveness. So, the optimization of personnel.

development in China has been for several years, in recent years the concept of Shanghai dragon has been deeply stationmaster’s heart, and a lot of Shanghai Longfeng related websites and forums have emerged. It also saw a lot of Shanghai dragon in experience and skills, but with the development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon is also quietly changing, also need to keep pace with the times.


Internet users

with the development of the Internet, the Internet becomes more and more intelligent, a search for the words "car" in Beijing and Shanghai, the search is different. Especially the home page, the difference is very obvious, this is the search engine gradually improve their search quality, more and more intelligent. In addition, the love of Shanghai "Box Computing" also gradually affect people’s search and Internet habits. As an optimization, from the general direction is to seize the opportunity and make appropriate adjustments on the strategy according to the direction of the search engine, although one can not see the effect, but for long-term development, has made the initiative.

some people say that Shanghai dragon needs to change the status quo, in fact, this sentence is put under certain conditions. For example, sometimes the search engine itself is a problem, the ranking of the site temporarily affected, but this time do not need too much change, just need to wait. Today we discuss the problems and more from the overall perspective, not rigidly adhere to a detail. I hope to see this article to inspire the webmaster.

can be said to do webmaster industry is a profit space industry, where there is a market where there is competition, so your competitors like you, is also very much hope that their ranking is better, both through his own efforts to improve the ranking or optimization please specialized company to do for ourselves that is a kind of competition. Web site keywords ranking will achieve, the more difficult, similar to riding a boat behind.

intelligent search engine

innovation and renewal

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