Shanghai dragon of internal optimization on real significance


website optimization is internal and external meaningless optimization, I look in the internal optimization is far higher than the external optimization with the vocabulary to express is the KMT government in Shanghai Longfeng, optimization industry, this is also very important, as long as the internal optimization do good external optimization easily make some high quality. In a certain time under accumulation will have a very good ranking, well, not long winded, straight to the point.

first impression, the love of Shanghai is very important for the first impression of a website, but the first impression is the standard title title, so we must do a good job title, avoid keyword accumulation and words not related to the site, there is a key word between the best use (, _, etc.) segmentation, keyword the importance of sequentially arranged according to the order from left to right and good practices, the home page column page title of the title of the same.

(three) the content of the website "original"

internal optimization of familiar words not familiar with the Shanghai Phoenix in the industry, but really know and really do internal optimization is really rare. Very good webmaster curious counterparts website ranking on their own, but the chain had not himself and do the same period or with his web site, which is exactly why? So today I will take you to understand Shanghai dragon inside the true sense of the optimization, I hope useful for you.

source code ?

(two) Title Title Approach

we can put the love of Shanghai and people’s ideas are similar, and a more humane direction, so the internal Shanghai Longfeng base source code, streamlined accurate this is the minimum requirement, so you must pay attention to their website source code, do not there are 404 pages and some dead links such as

(a) reasonable composition of website

every site is composed of thousands on thousands of code, we all know that, but many owners ignore the role of the source code, blindly to the pursuit of fancy and unrealistic "junk code, causing the site 404 error page, this is one of the.

header is equivalent to a site in the head, and the spider is like another person, two people from the beginning of the first impression of the first met is often a person’s appearance, also in the industry on the site is the site of the title title.

original content is a good method to promote internal optimization, of course, is also a good pseudo original. The contents of the original benefits everyone should know, love Shanghai is very valued, but few webmaster can do, but really do.


The second is

a lot of new sites have appeared under the circumstances, the love of Shanghai started to update your new snapshot in one day, which is the first time you visit the website, however, updated once will not come in, because this is what

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