S log analysis 200064 is a precursor to K website

Da Yu with this question, to find relevant information. In the "MSDN Win32" status code in detail, the 64 explanation is "the specified network name is no longer available". While there are many causes of the possibility of problems, the following summarizes some of the common yu.

4, often occur in the ASP.NET development of the site, get a response in the program flow, without reading the content will be closed, this is also a reason for the 64 generation.

No matter what kind of

is more than likely, can identify and capture independent Baisuspider. Therefore, it is ruled out 200064 sites were said K precursor. 3, IIS, Apache as the server configuration problem, causes the network unreachable, causing Baisuspider cannot effectively capture. The latter two may belong to the client server caused by the behavior, not an ACK response, cause Baisuspider unable to successfully grab. This also explains why the site was K, and 2000 6>

3, Apache Apache and WinSock configuration error caused by V2 conflict, the 64 error.

5, similar to the fourth IIS, waiting for the ACK client, the client select reset or disconnect the link, in order to return 64 status code.



LEE even can not give an accurate answer, is "200064" covered with a layer of mystery. "200064" is really the prelude before disaster.

a few days ago to see a webmaster posts in Shanghai love the club owners, said the site three times by K, the first is the spam chain too hard, second times is third times the total accumulation of keywords, acquisition, no original. By K, the webmaster in check before the IIS log, found love Shanghai spider crawling in the part of the page after the return status code 200064. Da Yu on the Internet to find related issues, found a similar situation is also a lot of. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er is resorted to "200064 is a precursor to K" said.

1, the server opens the GZIP compression, closed after the return to normal.

and LEE love Shanghai gives the answer is "we don’t know whether this status code will affect the crawl, but crawling behavior can be determined and Baisuspider. It is recommended to check the configuration of IIS and its own website program has no problem."

2, Computer Browser, server server service state service, one of the workstation service is not running properly.

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