The snapshot not update To understand how to update the web page

I believe this strategy literally is well understood, but also can reflect the rules to update the search engine more intuitive, that is if this page was updated more frequently, so to speak will be more frequent in the. If you have a deeper understanding of it, when in fact the search engine to crawl the web, will build a model, and then predicts the changes to speak according to the changes in the past ", there will be on the web page is divided into different regions, on billboards or some updated content ignore, so as to improve the efficiency of capture.

user experience strategy

history reference strategy

to A5 share some practical cases, reply to people more, feel it is worth sharing. But a lot of people in the specific operation is not handy, in summary is on this line of Shanghai Longfeng know enough, I also read some recently in the search engine on the book, the book a lot of content is official, some friends will be difficult to understand. In the understanding of some simple knowledge about search engines, today high McCain to share with everyone in a Shanghai dragon circles problems. The basic problem in the major platform every day there are many people ask, it is about the search engine page update.

The The first common

strategy is actually also the search engine has been emphasized, how to understand? Generally can understand a general query for user input keywords, the ranking will only browse the first three pages of content, this is the user search habits. It is important to the first three pages of content can meet the demand of users, for does not affect the user experience ", then later update is also fine, of course more impact, more people browse the web page, the faster the better should be updated. Multiple versions of the server will be stored in the page, according to the current situation more wasassessed "finally select the average value, and then displayed on the web page update.

explains: "I believe many of my friends also have this feeling, that you have been maintained for a period of time to update the web page, even during a period of time not updated snapshot will continue to update, which also contains the historical reference strategy.

snapshot update problem also belongs to the update of the page, page update is a significant feature of the internet. The search engine is how to make a web page update? Commonly used can be divided into three kinds: the update strategy of historical reference strategy, user experience strategy and cluster sampling strategy. Then you were about the three is how to carry out the strategy.


explained: This is relatively good visual sense, each station operated by the US, before rising to the home, many home sites are frequently updated snapshot, relative to the station, many enterprise stand content update is not very hard, even for a few days, weeks and months to update a snapshot, but also always stay within a week, this is the user experience strategy show.


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