Cases share a high weight site to lonely

do not pay attention to the details of the operation caused by. Just jump 404 page "贵族宝贝" in "贵族宝贝/", only more than one "/" to jump page does not exist. Although the low-level errors, but a large number of dead links have also lost some traffic. But soon after correction, the error effect is not significant.

3: optimize the structure of your site. It can not find the former website screenshot, so there is no way for readers to watch. But this I can be sure that really improve the user experience, so is the right choice.

three, repeat pageA static page with U>


URL to the static form, but some pages are open to display the page does not exist, this is because some of the page first access to a static URL has not generated. For this reason, programmers do the static URL jump dynamic URL decision, it is difficult to imagine what this means.

, a 404 improper operation pageIn fact, this is a


2:URL structure. The original site URL is the use of dynamic form, and the parameters and multiple comparison, although the search engine can still be crawling, but compared with static URL, dynamic or not. This revision is consistent with common sense, the right choice.

the first to look at a few details of the revision of the

Optimization of

two, to generate static pages

1:META tag. The original site of meta tags is very bad, key words and description are empty, though I love Shanghai for the two labels given weight is not so big, but from love inside Shanghai statistics can be seen, they still have a role, so to improve the META tag is a correct choice.


a webmaster has the courage to give up on IP million current site revision, although that revision will bring certain influence to the website, but dare to do so, I think there will be a way to deal with, but the fact is the site of a step by step toward the decline, the author also participate in the revision of the site personnel. This is the site to share how to step by step to decline:

or a friend that the original site is so bad, how is IP traffic so good? We all know that the level determines the weight of a site, there are many reasons for ranking factors. Here I can only say that this site has the original content very much, and the chain link construction optimization, it’s enough to make a good website traffic. Then, the above several revision, and has a very original content and the construction of the chain operation, such a site and how will weaken the following? I come to talk about the specific reasons:


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