The article is reproduced to increase the added value will become valuable

second, spatial stability, access speed is the hard conditions of a website, people Webmaster Platform is a big site, regardless of the data backup, or browsing reading is better than a personal blog.


first, the authority of the people, Webmaster Platform certainly more search engine trust. You’re just a personal blog, in which you are better than others. Is there Webmaster Platform also joined the news source of search engine, such as authority. But Webmaster Platform is the manual review of each article, its quality is higher than your general blog. Although this article is the same, but you can not guarantee that your blog articles are of high quality, and Webmaster Platform can guarantee this point. If you put Webmaster Platform article ranking will find more valuable content to users, which is also the value added.

What is the value added that We may

" " content is king; this is a circle of Shanghai dragon will never change the truth, but how to get the content has become a headache to Shanghai dragon er. Do Shanghai dragon is difficult and is easy to understand for another industry, the possibility of the original micro micro call. It is learned that industry or product, want to do every day the original is not easy, so have to adopt other methods to obtain the content. The general is the acquisition and pseudo original, or directly reproduced. The acquisition is very desirable, its vitality is very weak, not for a long time, will destroy the site. But it is a simple pseudo original search engine in order to win the love, time-consuming thankless, I do not agree. To do with the pseudo original than to direct reprint, but must provide added value will become more reproduced reproduced competitiveness, that will have value how reproduced below 11 to introduce?.

in such a problem, in the webmaster nets before submission, first published in his blog to. Then see after the article was collected and then go to the webmaster nets to contribute, but there will be a frustrating and puzzling question, why is the Webmaster Platform ranking than our original and collected first blog on top. Many webmaster was depressed, how could this happen? The reason is very simple, it is the people’s station network though not original, though you contribute, is directly reproduced. But why do people ranking than by you? It is because they provide additional value, however, is the added value for these Webmaster Platform ranking.

fourth, interactive. If you reprint an article on your website, users continue to comment. Or up or down, so it is easy for search engines to judge the quality of the article, of course, share. If you place no comment > reprint

third, the platform itself the audience, people Webmaster Platform day hundreds of thousands of millions of traffic, and your blog only tens of hundreds of traffic. If your article on the Webmaster Platform above, it will let more people see.

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