Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love inquiry promotion optimization which one is suitable for enterpris

now, many companies know that in addition to love Shanghai for promotion can make enterprises get a lot of customers, is now very popular by more and more enterprises know Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the small and medium-sized enterprise gets more popular.

then designed a professional website, is a headache for us to promote. Famous enterprises have not need to burn a lot of love in Shanghai website promotion. However, for those of us in small business if you choose? Let’s talk about Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love inquiry promotion optimization which one is suitable for enterprise long-term use of


later, after consulting with us. After a lesson feeling. The website like shopping mall stores, customers since it is called God, only respect your God, your store in enough style, can let them feel your strength, and you are friendly, they will naturally took out the money to buy your products and services. So the website also must be good, so they can obtain more customers in the promotion of the time.

but if we control every day, the auction advertising costs 200 yuan, it will not immediately run out of this 5000 yuan. But this 200 yuan will soon run out. If we follow the 200 month of the monthly account recharge, then a year down, we need to pay much.

for the love of Shanghai for promotion, if you first cooperation and love Shanghai, the total cost is 5600 yuan, 600 yuan fee, 5000 yuan prepaid expenses bidding. After this as long as you spent 5000 yuan, according to your own needs size ranging from the amount of money to recharge the account to go inside. But you have to control the use of the money according to the popularity of keywords in your industry, because every day there are a large number of users to click on your website, sell some advertising, this is not a group of your customers, then they click on your website, the money is not worth it. Then the rest is probably your customers, and your competitors malicious click. All of this we can make nothing of it. But this 5000 yuan will run out within a short period of time, if you control the bad words. It will be 5000 yuan in just a few days are all light.

enterprises in the construction site, would rather spend one or two to 1000 websites, invested a lot of money to do the promotion of Shanghai. But wait until the promotion after a long time, very puzzled, why not customer deal. We have a customer, do Sakura water heater repair, before is spent every year tens of thousands in the promotion of the competitive. But the answer can be quite different. Wait until he knew the harm of optimization after actually received only lessons. Spend such a huge amount of money from the The imprint is engraved on my heart. really is enough.

first, love Shanghai for promotion

However, in many small

we have to talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

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