How to correctly understand the definition and algorithm of love Shanghai

love Shanghai algorithm to update the release date, many people feel that the "Shanghai dragon head fog", because the love Shanghai algorithm updated definition is too broad, the content from the site to the external links, although has made a clear description and case, but as part of the Shanghai people, these so-called dragon shows and the case didn’t explain all the way, how to understand the definition of "algorithm".

in Shanghai shows algorithm file explicitly lists a variety of cases, but these cases are mostly related to the forum posts, until now most of Shanghai dragon people will believe that the quality of the external links is forwarded by users of the chain is of high quality.

collection of the word in the part of Shanghai Longfeng personnel is taboo, not allowed to appear in the collection site of their content, because the acquisition will make the website to be loved Shanghai right down, in fact, love Shanghai and not clearly defined in the algorithm can not only collect, recommend you use Adsense "original content", in fact "acquisition" is not to say that the content is not desirable, but should have a "degree", the degree is the collection content and original content proportion, according to many senior Shanghai Longfeng personnel summarize data show that Shanghai is the existence of love collection content about 30% of allowed sites, but the premise is the Shanghai search engine must be in love "frequent" conditions for included mechanism of website, so you don’t have to worry about the staff of Shanghai Longfeng collection content will lead to site is down right.

: the first on the contents of the definition of

second: about the original content of the definition of

more than two words is almost the same, but after writing later, the search engine will love Shanghai as a high quality content, so all personnel in the Shanghai dragon will write original content, don’t be afraid, you think to find a highly readable article to read, after reading about it summarize the content, and then use their own understanding of the meaning of it to write out, making the original content is so simple.

write: "Coldplay arcade fishing game transplanted the original fishing game, retained the original fishing game features and gameplay, is the most people play, and the game super high praise."

third: about the definition of

The external links

called the "original content" in Shanghai love search engine is defined as "the Internet does not exist the content is high quality content, but as a Shanghai dragon staff, original content written in different industries is a very painful and very difficult, so how to make the original content. In fact, this is a very simple thing! That is" imitation "content, to give a detailed example.

say: "Coldplay arcade fishing game is the most popular, the most popular game, the original fishing game, perfect transplant and preserve the original game and play all."

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