Less than 40 days will be a right down the site more than 200 index keyword optimization to love Sha

this is one of the typical cases in many optimization Xiaoming took over, it is a separate talk, because I think it is very representative. This list is Wuhan a special LED business website.

because it is not a day for two days in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and according to the optimization process, the overall situation of the website is also changing, so the website optimization work link and process and optimization strategy in each optimization stage followed in order regulation, it took less than 40 days, will will save an original problems website back, and will be designated "Wuhan led" successful optimization to the home page.


with the development of the Internet, online business has become more and more frequent, this time the enterprise website is particularly important, the company has solid line, then the line must have their own website to further open the market. So, many companies will choose to optimize your web site, because may not have paid much attention to Shanghai dragon optimization, so suddenly thought of optimizing a website website found hidden a lot of potential problems.

the company responsible person is through my blog I find Xiao Ming Shanghai dragon. Because he also know a little bit of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, so they asked me some questions, I have one very attentive to his answer. After that, he said let me help him look at the site, through the preliminary understanding I found that there are many serious problems in his website, one of which is the site was completely right down the state, the interior of the website is out of order, even the most basic URL standard are not ready. Then I’ll inform him, he let me help him website optimization and designated the "Wuhan led" to give him the optimization to the home page, then we will talk about cooperation, he and I are in fact relatively straightforward, not a moment was settled, so I officially took over this website.

is basically done, say these not to say I have much to Xiao Ming, "

I said I took over this site is how to do. The first step is to help restore the site right down, because right down and did not come alone what ranking. First of all, I will do a site inspection of the system, find out the crux of the problem and recorded, and then each of the problem areas are carefully made Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and then carefully examined again and found no problem after the start of the next step. Through the diagnosis, the site in addition to a lot of problems, the construction of the chain too little or almost nothing to do, so under these circumstances, I every day on time and according to the amount for the website construction of the chain of high quality, and make records. The following is part of the construction of the chain of the screenshot:

after a series of optimization restoration, right down the problems finally resolved, the site started on the right track, at the same time, Shanghai has reached the right weight of love 1.

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