Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization of our details that you never noticed

as everyone knows, the enterprise website optimization is the field of Internet Shanghai dragon force is very important, especially for small and medium enterprises, the choice of Shanghai dragon as a starting point for Internet marketing has become very popular, as a webmaster today I don’t want to talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization process and operation of ideas, and share the details of the site optimization process of enterprise in our concern.

second, attention must be paid to the correlation enterprise web site optimization article. The enterprise website is generally relatively simple, many companies choose the core keywords optimization for this product, so we can not just as a webmaster to optimize and update the Internet a lot of a commonplace talk of an old scholar a grasp of a lot of articles, since it is the products of the word, we must in the relevant and professional efforts, especially for the correlation the optimization of the product term must be a reasonable grasp, we can through professional terminology, such as their own words is to optimize the inspection tools, I can be targeted in the embodiment of inspection tools, security inspection tools, security inspection tools, different kinds of words can change into a different view, because of love Shanghai algorithm for judging points between very carefully, not only to highlight the word and word related products To be reflected, check the price of tools, use, use etc.. Have reasonable deployment, but here we should pay attention to a point, everything is based on reasonable nature, in order not to increase the degree of correlation, wantonly piling up a lot of keywords, the only station in the continuous optimization of the process will slowly find the feeling.

third, the analysis of enterprise web site user experience problems. The user experience has been present in the website optimization the highest voice melody, but many people only stay on the surface, the line on the website after always keep on-line before the style, the fact that the site is the need to constantly fine-tuning and meet the needs of users, the user experience is actually the word said the body covers a very wide, as a webmaster we can layout through the large, mainly after the user enters the website for the website satisfaction, such as web interface layout is clear and reasonable, and structure of the site layout, whether text >

first, the enterprise website optimization weight in the process of the rational use of labels. The enterprise website optimization webmasters will focus on the content of the website, the chain and weight optimization points, the tag is actually worth focusing on the common B, strong nofollow, the bold tag, H tag, we in the optimization process of the reasonable weight of these markers is very conducive to weight lifting website title and keywords, nofllow mainly for the index page of some spiders do not participate in the ranking page, we can use the shielding label, let the spider know these pages just to show, not to calculate to the ranking of the weight page. The rational use of these tags can reach our website and the love of spiders in Shanghai effectively to ditch.

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