Search the loss of nearly 2 billion penguins also have weaknesses

stage negative is temporary, is determined by its genes? Still can not make a conclusion, but it is certain that the Tencent shortage in some areas, indeed allow entrepreneurs to see the forever winner also has its own boundary and the relatively short board, and become their "business opportunities.

geneThe development of


, a start-up company in the field of wireless search, the Tencent is a product to achieve the ultimate experience of the enterprise, but comes to do business and commercial things, they have no advantage, "this is a company of genes, not a Tencent to research the enterprise ecological and commercial the pattern of gene." With the investment community, Tencent are good at making small individual money, not earn money business judgment agree without prior without previous consultation.

hand, continued in large sums of money cash influx of Tencent Inc, there is enough time and money, to participate in the fight against competitors, until the surrender. The company has been given a title: "the terminator". As long as he is generous to a field, others may have no way out. From the beginning of instant messaging QQ, Tencent continue to take cities and seize territory in the Internet field for 13 years, hardly missed a feast of Internet penguins, has grown into a company with about 400 billion of the market value of the top China Internet giant.

in instant messaging, games and entertainment, and client applications in areas such as Tencent do right, but in the field of electronic commerce, search and so on, in the competition in the industry, the Tencent had to line up again. Today, after a loss of nearly 2 billion Tencent search, will search the weight on the wireless terminal. Start early Tencent electricity supplier first product pat, because operating conditions as expected, Ma Huateng rumors once its up in private.

on the user research and experience can achieve excellence, but no one to study the enterprise ecosystem and business model of

Vice president of

now we found that in fact the company also inevitably encounter setbacks, it is not always invincible. The company has suffered a huge loss in the search business, there is a loss of nearly 2 billion yuan". The search business of the Tencent a few setbacks, opens a window for us to observe weaknesses for Tencent.

entrepreneurs are trying to draw the outlines of it, because this is outside the boundaries of their world. Investors concerned about this issue, he hopes his investment has a moat for defense.

Short board

in the history of the Internet Chinese Tencent, almost did not miss a feast. The Tencent’s survival rule is, at the beginning, and then follow the footsteps, the contemplation of imitation, press down overrunning. As long as a good prospect, Tencent will act as predators or terminator. For example, at the beginning of the game, such as WeChat now.

said WeChat is stepping on M chat and TalkBox’s "corpse" success, not at all.

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