Snap PO suggests that investors are once again in favor of promising start upsnternet entrepreneur

before, the IPO market was depressed in 2016. In 2016, the financing of the technology industry through IPO declined by 60% compared with the previous year, which is undoubtedly a blow to Silicon Valley, which has been negatively affected, not only by investor morale, but also by Private Held Company financing and corporate strategy.


please invest in people and ask yourself, "how many of the domestic entrepreneurial teams are going all the way to the end,

Snap, the first IPO company in the US technology industry this year, has raised $3 billion 400 million through the IPO. Snap is not profitable, and last year it lost $515 million, more than $404 million in revenue. Now, investors are betting on the company co-founder Evan spegel Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy Bobby Murphy vision and vision. The two co founders must continue to climax to attract the company’s millennials, while increasing revenue from each user.

is that their white lie,

?In such a complex entrepreneurial environment,

simply tells them to stay focused, as if concentration is a simple thing to do. The fact is that most entrepreneurs simply follow the advice of investors, ignoring changes in the outside world, and eventually falling behind the trends and trends that lead to failure.

? There are too many examples of

executive power, which is the first step, the most important, the most difficult step for an entrepreneur to dream, and also

"there is no doubt that many companies have to IPO in size and scale," General Catalyst managing director of Vc firm Hemant Taneja – hemmant tanega said, "the Snap IPO show that investors are interested in." The venture capital invested Snap.

NetEase Francisco March 4th news, foreign media reported that if Snap has listed a lesson for reference, that is IPO IPO investors once again willing to young entrepreneurial companies hope that.

3, "what is the most important thing for an entrepreneur? Executive power!"

1, "staying focused is the first step to success."

don’t think the absence of IPO is due to


, on the contrary, Snap has a look at the common elements of Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet’s shlf1314, which have been seen as mature by the public.

investors often say that the key to an entrepreneur’s success is the rapid conversion of entrepreneurial ideas into execution. But, how can investors demand entrepreneurial novices with this decision and execution of

investors will put on a look in front of omniscient entrepreneurs, their advice is invaluable advice, their guidance is to allow all doubt inculcate, such as a teacher and a leader. But when we think seriously about the fact that these investors have repeatedly instilled in entrepreneurs and markets, we can’t help but find the absurdity.

we see more of a team of internal staff because of the interests of target, differences and fall apart, there are many backbone in the team because of the opponent’s poaching and Peacock flying to the southeast, and the number of entrepreneurs is because the whole team internal personnel disputes and delay the development of the cause of progress.

‘s interest in the company’s Snap is undeniable despite the lingering concern about the growth and profitability of Snapchat’s parent company IPO. After more than expected to issue price will be set at $17, the company’s shares listed on the first day rose 44%, and rose 11% in the next day, rose to $27.09 per share, making the company a market capitalization of $31 billion to the crown. The market has more than 10 times the stock supply of the company.

IPO market is sluggish,

‘s Snap, founded in 2010, is reversing some of the company’s tendency to remain as private as long as possible. It was only two years ago that the company’s platform introduced advertising. Taxi service, Uber technology companies, data mining start-ups, Palantir technology companies and travel rental service provider Airbnb history is longer than Snap, and in several rounds of financing to achieve higher valuations. However, these companies have not yet been listed, and are still privatized companies.

said this is the most common investors advice for entrepreneurs, but the problem is in the domestic environment, in the face of the industry have very competitive means, in the face of large companies to entrepreneurs and coveted the possibility of success in the face of duplication, low degree of market acceptance of audience to entrepreneurs, how to let entrepreneurs simply stay focused on

just stay focused and does not guarantee success, the overall situation of the requirement of domestic entrepreneurs to consider more, more and more to care, they don’t have the simple, attention involved in their career, this is the truth.

‘s first step toward success is not to focus, but to assess the situation.

entrepreneurs whose careers have stagnated and even failed. Finding a good team is a difficult task, and finding a team that can stay together for a long time is even more difficult. The importance of investors is emphasized in the team, but rarely mentioned in the current business environment team to entrepreneurs and the problems brought about by the potential for entrepreneurs, and once encountered similar problems, so that entrepreneurs tend to be taken by surprise.

2, "team cohesion is the primary productive force"

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