How to make the website to better attract search engine

second: improve the original website content correlation. Marketing type website should locate a good site keywords at the beginning of the operation, the website to write and website related content in the formal operation of the occasion. The user through the search engine search keywords, and then enter the ranking good website, to get better search engine love website, websites need to improve the site content and the relevance of keywords, website can improve the relevance of the site’s pages by improving the site’s original news content, keywords in the page layout, site chain, keyword anchor text chain etc.. Here to remind you that although in order to improve the relevance of the website, but the site is not to collect the pseudo original, even if the pseudo original content with the relevance of the website, but it had little effect on the website, the content of the collection difficult for search engines, and will affect the site’s user experience, a large collection of Web sites may also the search engine will be K station, the correlation should be improved, but not to cheat.

: first improve site weights. The weight of the site itself, naturally search engines love, the weight given to the old site search engine than the new high, high weight site natural advantage. Most of the weight of the website is the chain from the site high weight, the search engine that site weight has the high quality of the chain are high, the outer chain including Links. So choose a related website, the weights of the high site exchange chain is very necessary. At the same time, the weight of the website with the domain name of the website service, is related to the stability of the site, the domain name for a long time, the stability of the site space website, search engine will naturally love this website, and given the very stable rankings.

third: improve the user experience of the website. To better attract the search engine, rather better to attract users, users love the site, the search engine will be more love. Site optimization must improve the user experience of the website construction, website navigation to clear, convenient and practical, to join the site sharing button. Marketing type website more emphasis is on practical site, the site is more like a practical way to use, users show the characteristics of the product and the product, rather than the use of a large number of flash, the website loading speed is slow, it is difficult for users to access the site, search engines can not grab the contents of the flash. Site icon to use the ALT label, the type of e-commerce website finally set the online consultation.

network marketing has become a mainstream trend of marketing, network marketing, more and more enterprises choose the network marketing mode, but also a lot of, including search engine marketing may be more affected by the attention of the enterprise. Marketing type website needs to be optimized by the method of Longfeng Shanghai, improve website ranking in search engines. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) on the marketing website how to better attract the search engine, make the site a better search engine ranking.

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