Founder of the Chinese Army Software Park Download Station living space is very limited

are you "downloaded" today

this is an era". From the "growth", "employment", "representative", it is said that vulnerable groups have no voice, but suffered some fantastic wisdom of rape.

now comes again: download. And chances are you’ve been through.

I have a friend, the computer is the best rookie, even hard disk and memory are not clear. He just bought a iPhone, do not know how to import MP3, ask me for help. I helped him find a iTunes download page in a software station, from QQ to him, to his installation.

2 minutes later, he said excitedly: "good, what to do next." I muttered "iTunes nearly 100MB of the file, so fast, while he command menu operation. The other side is so stupid that I want to kill, and constantly told me, "you can’t find the menu".

as I soon collapsed, the other blurting thunder dead words: this seems to be open for Maxthon website


my glasses almost fell under the table. After a series of experiments and investigation, I discovered the "secret" is in the iTunes download page has a Maxthon Banner advertising, there are two big buttons, one is the "Telecom download", one is "Netcom download". Although my friend is a rookie, but the "download" these two words are still very sensitive, desperate, the result is "downloaded" (Figure).


In fact,

is not only the site, I found, in many domestic mainstream download sites, this is a common phenomenon, with a popular phrase, called "unspoken rule" or "money rules". Not only is the friend that rookie, even were removed from the Internet for more than 10 years old, are doomed — a download page very obvious trap, actually more than 10. You can imagine, after you go to the download site, must be wearing helmets, hats, wearing body armor, but also manage your hand, do not easily download "".

is even more frightening is that some small download sites or fake download site, will play this trick to the extreme – the Trojan downloader bundled in the well-known software, users download and install, the nightmare began.

in my opinion, this kind of download site is facing at least four charges:

one, insult the user iq. These help users to help point advertising behavior, and phishing scams what is the difference? But one is deceptive money, one is cheating time, the essence is the same. As I said, the download site should compensate "lost income", and "the spirit of damages".

second, insult advertisers iq. Unless the advertiser is illiterate, do they think the installed capacity by way of obtaining this deception, any.

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