Hebei credible website demonstration project will be the integrity of the D card

site will be a "good faith card"

news (Wang Yanhua) November 19, 2010, Hebei credible website demonstration project was officially launched in Cangzhou. This has become the province of Guangdong, a provincial credible website demonstration project implementation of the region, while Cangzhou has become the province’s first credible website demonstration project to implement the city. Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology official

shows, in order to speed up the pace of trusted Internet construction in Cangzhou City, Cangzhou City, set up various websites on the global Internet credible image, in the province of Cangzhou will be within the scope of the first implementation of "credible site demonstration project", guide the majority of the city’s enterprises and institutions as soon as possible for the trusted sites test, to play on the official website authoritative identification "credible, striving for national e-commerce demonstration city". In the meantime, the application of the credible site verification of the majority of enterprises and institutions, each can also enjoy the maximum 6200 yuan of financial support and policy subsidies.

data show that as of the end of June 2010, China users reached 420 million, Internet penetration rate rose to 31.8%. But only in 2009, China’s Internet fraud by up to 45 million. Across the country, 89.2% of e-commerce web site visitors are worried about fake sites, and 86.9% of people said that if you can not get further confirmation of the site information, will opt out of the transaction. The lack of integrity or lack of credibility has become the biggest obstacle to the sustainable development of e-commerce in china.

Information Office of the State Council issued the "white paper" China Internet situation has made it clear that the government should Chinese "committed to create a healthy and harmonious internet environment, build more reliable useful and conducive to economic and social development of the internet".

and "Hebei province Internet development report" shows that as of the end of 2009, the total number of sites in our province amounted to 67489, accounting for 2.1% of the total number of sites, an increase of 18.5%, users reached 18 million 420 thousand people, the year 5 million 80 thousand new users, penetration rate rose to 26.4%. However, the rapid development of the province’s Internet at the same time, is also facing the problem of network integrity. Data show that 79.7% of Internet users in Hebei believe that online trading is not safe, there are more than 81.5% of users feel that the Internet will often appear false information.

trusted sites to verify the network management agencies (knet.cn) relevant responsible person said, with "credible site demonstration project started in Cangzhou City, Hebei province to build a trusted network environment will be full speed, current situation of website reputation and trust will be the first to improve. It is expected that in the near future, the trusted site will become an important basis for all levels of government, the relevant enterprises and the majority of Internet users to verify the credibility of the various types of sites on the Internet in Hebei. In the majority of Internet users in the Internet, available for verification of the authenticity of the access to the page, such as the case of trusted sites identity verification can not open the page or wrong, then you can decide basically is caught in a phishing site >

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