The first electricity supplier to protect the security of the platform on line Taobao sellers bid fa

from the simple "insurance online insurance products sold to the real Internet, the reform of the insurance industry is moving.

following the "three horse" zhong an online collaboration with Alibaba launched the public music treasure – bond program "(hereinafter referred to as" all music treasure) after yesterday, Alibaba, small and micro financial services group (hereinafter referred to as Taobao Taobao insurance and Taikang Life Insurance ") jointly launched the first domestic enterprise groups for e-commerce security platform – music industry protection".

and all music treasure similar music industry protection for the same Taobao seller group. With "all music treasure", "music industry protection is a life insurance product, and for the first time the full realization of the Internet security life of.

Taikang product design official said: "the traditional Internet insurance is more trying to change channels, such as the improvement of the products under the line or move to sell online, and" music industry protection ‘is’ C2B’ taste, customer demand will be the future direction of the transformation of the insurance products."

fill security gap

According to the general manager of Taobao

Insurance Division Jiang Xing introduced music industry protection based on Internet operation, the introduction of customized security, the use of the Internet technology and the combination of insurance actuarial risk control, to the electricity supplier sellers on the platform, "second" and other groups to provide low cost, high security accident, medical, pension and other security services. According to the reporter, the day before Taobao will also be "music industry protection insurance business low-key on-line.

data show that the current Taobao shop more than 700, driven by over ten million jobs. Prior to the Zhejiang Insurance Regulatory Commission jointly do a survey of Taobao insurance found that 55.2% of the seller did not participate in the basic social security, the company’s employees did not participate in the basic social security of 45%. The status quo of network entrepreneurs is also a guarantee for the protection of the status quo of domestic small and micro enterprises employment groups.

Jiang Xing said that simple, convenient and transparent features of Internet insurance products. In the music industry protection as an example, starting from the basic accident and illness of cancer, a monthly premium of 10 yuan guarantee 100 thousand yuan. In the specific provisions of the protection of the design is simple, easy to understand, based entirely on the Internet, no geographical restrictions, through the mouse point, online join, online claims.

music industry protection product manager Hou put serious illness or death, these changes greater impact, and in the daily medical treatment, hospitalization expenses for entrepreneurs are under great pressure, so the music industry protection first chose the two security. Jiang Xing said: at present, our security content is still relatively thin, will join the clinic as soon as possible, and research pension business."

life insurance Internet

life insurance network is the insurance companies and Internet companies are faced with the big project". From the insurance, payment, claims to complete the entire process of online service, the traditional life insurance industry is the beginning of the Internet, and product innovation is the next issue of life insurance internet.


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