NetEase server paralyzed 9 hours after the resumption of what reason

yesterday we reported that from 21 o’clock in the evening, NetEase, including NetEase news, cloud music, easy letter, etc., as well as the number of products across the board game has been unable to connect to the server.

it is understood that this morning to 6 pm, lasted 9 hours of downtime events come to an end, to resume normal operation of all NetEase’s products.

in this regard, many netizens said, "the router ‘reset’ as soon as rotten, just reinstall the system" at 9:40 Tucao, NetEase subsequently responded that the backbone network attacks are caused by repair, recovery time to be determined.

, however, the Internet has come to the NetEase building fire, room cable was pulled, tornado blowing the server rumors, NetEase have denied, but so far there is no new argument.



fire photos was subsequently confirmed in 2013 is Guangzhou Jianye Building

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