Robin Li said the future may not have O2O there may be no Baidu

Robin Li in a recent forum boldly put forward: the next 5 years may not be a O2O.

here, the author also bold Dialect: the next 5 years Baidu (Tencent ALI) may no longer exist, because rumors Google to come back (laugh).

why do I say that? We all added a word: "maybe". Lining’s ad, everything is possible, in fact, it means that everything is uncertain factors. Everything is possible, everything is possible.

Chinese characters. Even after 5 years O2O is still alive, Robin Li also did not say, because everything is possible.

and I believe that the future will not O2O, as the future is difficult without Baidu Tencent Ali, even now this form of O2O will die, this kind of mode of O2O itself and will not die, because it reflects a trend, is a business model and rules.

and, I also believe that the future of O2O, the advantages of traditional enterprises.

why O2O is so hard now

The industry generally believe that O2O

recently appeared in a round of closures, and even spread to a tragic "death list", many have implemented several rounds of financing enterprises have fallen O2O. Southern Metropolis Daily article nearly a thousand O2O companies closed down, how to survive the winter, is a direct point of view, into September, the venture capital circle has been shrouded in the winter, nearly a thousand O2O business failures.

its reasons, a lot of people have given a variety of analysis, including competition, homogenization of serious, capital strand breaks, user habits are not mature and other reasons.

and I believe that the reason why the O2O project is difficult to do, is determined by the characteristics of the industry itself. For these reasons, most of the current Internet vertical field may have such problems.

heavy capital

O2O is a heavy capital industry, there are many places need to spend money, since O2O means offline, then, compared to pure traditional enterprises or pure Internet business, it requires both online investment, need more line of input, facing the double battle line, so the need for capital higher requirements.

normally, most of O2O includes the following aspects of capital investment, including stores (online or website), supply chain and logistics (or distribution costs), team, marketing costs, and are often paired, i.e. the line under the dual equipped, such as team, will need to line, also need to line next, so is the cost of promotion.

thin foundation

O2O but for many enterprises in terms of words, as their new ventures, often has the basic team, capital, resources and other aspects of the line, they tried.

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