Xuzhou second annual meeting of the nternet industry will be held

second Xuzhou Internet Industry Conference & Huaihai Economic Zone second master conference

conference background:

in response to the trend of knowledge economy and information era, in order to meet the needs of the rapid economic development of Xuzhou, Xuzhou is also in order to speed up the process of information, information exchange and prosperity of Xuzhou from all walks of life, to promote the overall development of Xuzhou’s overall situation, the Internet as an important driving force of Xuzhou’s economy, the urgent need to further develop.

in order to better promote the healthy development of the Internet industry in Xuzhou, creating information access and good bidding information developed environment, at the same time in order to select excellent individuals and groups, held the second session of the Xuzhou City Internet industry conference and Huaihai Economic Zone second master conference.



Xuzhou Internet Industry Association

co organizer:

Pengcheng windows

Xuzhou recruitment network


Technology Co., Ltd.


Xuzhou celebrity Network Limited

Adsense nets


Xuzhou Online Gift City (General Assembly designated gift sponsor)

Xuzhou Maple letter Technology Co., Ltd. (designated by the general assembly of cyberspace sponsors)

Beijing Digital Network Co., Ltd. (General Assembly designated domain name space sponsor)

Xuzhou Heng Ji Advertising Co., Ltd. (General Assembly designated network video sponsor)

Xuzhou Airlines Network – Xuzhou treat network (General Assembly designated instant communications sponsor)

media support:

Xuzhou TV station

City Morning News

Pengcheng evening news

Xuzhou daily

Yangzi Evening News

new forces DM reported

Xuzhou area hundreds of large web site simultaneous publicity!

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campaign page will be more than a million times!

conference content:


"unity, cooperation, win-win development"

activity Objective:

extensive Internet industry exchanges, promote the further prosperity of the Internet industry,.

activity content:

Internet Industry Summit Forum

Internet industry selection:

Xuzhou ten network companies selected

Xuzhou’s ten major influence site selection


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