Global domain name industry in 2010

2010 has been in the past, the following review of the global domain name industry has those major events:

1, international domain name into the rootThe 2010

global internationalized domain names (IDN) into the root is a big event in the domain name industry has attracted the most attention, by the end of January 6, 2011, has been submitted to the state and has a total of 33, of which 15 have been approved written into the root of the ICANN server, the world can visit.

in the 15 has been approved by the international domain name, to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in traditional "management. Chinese" the Chinese domain name registrations ranked first, forecast by the end of 2010 has a capacity of between 60-70 million (only a brief history, in fact there are Chinese "company", "network.", "government" and "public welfare." 4), for example, the legal Chinese domain name "Guangming Chinese." at present can be global access.

detailed information on the internationalization of the domain name can refer to the official website of the ICANN website:

2, close to 180 million, the global domain name.De. Only

integrated domain name registration in December 2010, the total amount of the global domain name close to 180 million, showing an increase in momentum than in 2009, where the largest number of registered Top10 domain name is:

.COM9000 million,.DE1401 million,.NET1300 million,.UK900 million,.ORG850 million,.INFO650 million,.NL420 million..CN400 million (predicted),.EU335 million,.RU312 million

.Com in the Chinese.Com domain name ownership shot up again, reached 4 million 150 thousand, an increase of nearly 120 thousand compared with the second quarter, with net growth of 30 thousand per month in the limelight, while the CN domain inventory fell by 10 million, this number is the level of 2005. As the German local time on December 21st, the German.De domain name has more than 14 million, reached 14067132, ranked first in the world country domain name, absolute advantage to become the champion of ccTLD. .DE domain name registration and policy of use than.CN now the registration and use of domain name policy difference, why Chinese.CN will go now such a large landslide, worthy of the relevant departments, especially Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) research and policy of the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority properly review and reflection.

3, IPv4 address assigned into the countdown to the era of


on the last day of 2010, the Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) chief scientist GeoffHu>

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