Group purchase industry flourishing saves a life and death test


how long does it take to travel from heaven to hell? The group buying industry has finished the journey in a year. Crazy expansion from last year to this year has been bankrupt, closed down, mergers, layoffs continued, China’s group buying industry quickly completed a cycle.

at the beginning of July, when Wang Xiantian saw the 100 appliance business survival status survey of a magazine published in serving their own business from only the first death, he said " of the family; I would feel that this is not the place to stay long. " Wang worked in a line of day once glorious moment of the group purchase website, and he is responsible for the website data mining. Originally intended to change jobs at the beginning of next year, he had to consider looking for a way ahead of time, panic has become a common problem in this industry.

in the early June, group purchase industry bad news one after another, continue to stimulate the long war " " emerging markets. The impact of several lashou capital market in the United States suddenly withdrew the listing application, in all of the alarm sound, the first domestic group purchase website sprint IPO plan fell apart. And backed by Tencent, Groupon and other large shareholders Gaopeng and F group of mergers and acquisitions, has opened a group purchase market integration curtain.

group of 800 according to the latest statistics show that as of the end of May, the domestic group purchase website is active for a total of 2996, than the peak of 5058, down 40% in 9 months, and the survival rate of less than 40%. At present, the industry is to buy a monthly decline in the rate of one hundred or two hundred websites thin.

group purchase industry to the real life and death exams, which is behind the commercial profit group purchase industry to the status quo. Thousands of group purchase website by continuously downsizing, fail to prove that the problem facing the lessons of this industry group purchase business model.

before the destruction of the brilliant

in 2010, when the new pattern of global founder of American Groupon group purchase group purchase company pioneered into Chinese after the Chinese group purchase enterprises began to thrive, only one year expanded to 2000, to September 2011, is to reach the peak period of 5058. The rapid development and expansion of the emerging market immediately got venture capital favored data show that in the peak period, handle network, the U.S. group, F group, full 20 group purchase website received more than $700 million in financing.

November 2011, the United States Groupon company successfully listed, which have been listed as the ultimate goal of the domestic group purchase website to. Under the impetus of the capital, the group purchase website began to burn " " price war, advertising war, open races, the speed is a thousand li a day. Data show that in 2011 the United States Mission network advertising funds reached 130 million yuan, glutinous rice net of $200 million, the group is to reach the treasure network of astronomical $550 million. In order to capture market share, buy site almost all

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