Hammer of the nternet one the history of the development of the nternet

Change rapidly, innovation and application of Internet

complex, as a clue in a multitude of things, we make an assumption that the ability of information processing of Internet users is the impetus for the development of the Internet, we start from the innovation path of this hypothesis to explore the internet. The history of the Internet in three stages, the current stage, the future direction of the relationship between the ability of Internet users to deal with information and innovation are described. According to the logical deduction hypothesis of self growth and disproof self-contained nature, draw conclusions, self verification, does not need a lot of practice case to prove that the way of argumentation is different from the conclusion of the study of a large number of cases. In the logic of hypothesis cannot be falsified, the correctness of the disproof hypothesis, can guide to our practice.

history of the development of the Internet

1, the popularity of personal computers

1946, the world’s first electronic computer came out, in 1981, IBM launched the first personal computer IBM-PC in the world, using Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system, Microsoft released the windows3.0 in 1990, after decades of development, the computer from the bulky transistor to portable computers, from complex professional operation to fool the graphical operating system, from a few scientists have extended to the general public family. The popularity of personal computers, so that the general public’s ability to deal with information has been fully improved, people collect, organize, process the ability and efficiency of information to leap forward development.

2, the evolution of Internet users from the information to the information publisher

The popularity of

personal computer to lay the foundation for the development of the world wide web, the world wide web in 1991 officially debut, all kinds of website flood network now bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the vast amounts of information quickly flooded many Internet users, 1995 Yahoo listed on Wall Street. Yahoo directory information search for users to get information in the information ocean pointed out the direction of Internet users to enhance the efficiency of information acquisition. The occurrence of Yahoo and promote the comprehensive website prosperity, the founding of Google in 1998, after a few years, professional website forum, personal website for users to provide their Everfount emerge in an endless stream, a variety of information and services.

in 1999 by the PeterMerholz named blog on the world wide web, the rapid development of blog pandemic. The definition of blog is the personal management of the text, images, video, audio and other information of the web page, is the Internet users in the world wide web of private space. The emergence of blog let users identity change, change from the acquisition of information to provide web information to the web publisher. Users can publish text, video, audio, photos, comments on specific news and other information blog.

Internet users’ ability to publish information gradually developed, users are no longer confined to the blog release information, began to express their wishes on various professional websites. Click on the comment on the news, and post photos on Flickr

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