Copyright dispute barbaric growth of the nternet era has ended

there is a saying that "the higher the fly, the more painful the fall", if passed on to the Internet, on the appearance of the see seems to fly too fast, the speed of the fall will be faster".

good survival in the market fast deviation of video website, once the video site, outstanding leader, in 2014 to enter the network jurisprudence and copyright during the crackdown, our first qvod, closed by the police raid, then revoked business license and fined 260 million hefty fines, grey to fly fast wings, finally broke the roots in the fly at the beginning of buried explosives line, as Nora can change constantly in Jedi? And speeding the Internet sector, it seems that what could happen, but just a legend for the prepared or is lucky, if no one to help the customers, it is difficult to to stand on the seat of the first echelon of the industry.

gray wings: fast ecological chain, high advertising into simple technical maintenance


is able to quickly grow and accumulate a large amount of user resources, get authorized users, is really the Yellow video resource rich? Well, where there is no such resources, Nora had indeed wins in the rich in resources, but is absolutely not because of the rich resources of this small rub occupy a huge user market, Nora had to really get the network video industry to the top of the reason is that the various areas have a wealth of video resources.

and behind this rich resources is inseparable from the fast broadcast of the ecological chain model: the small and medium-sized Adsense to give high advertising into very simple technical maintenance.


provides a simple way to fast money to the majority of small and medium-sized Webmaster: advertising, small owners do not need too much technology can build a station, a small server, through the broadcast video sharing tool, a key acquisition seed address, upload video resources, then you can get advertising divided from. To build such sites are not in trouble: video upload sharing, small web site, plus our technical support, Chinese cabbage technicians can easily build a small website, and even when the highest monthly income can reach 30 thousand yuan.

According to

reports, rely on Nora pirated video content sites have been up to 10000, Nora suffered large cleaning industry, not Indoorsman broken heart, should be a small small webmaster heart, of course, have a website with the idea of the webmaster as long as the rapid transformation, with big policy direction is the growth in. The cracks, the grey economy IT people should get ready.

Internet open intellectual property protection War: barbaric growth mode ended


fortune small small owners face based on intellectual property rights wantonly battle, fast sad only in transition, and in June 12th, the State Copyright Bureau and other four departments jointly held a national forum on copyright enforcement supervision, have been identified on Jian Wang 2014 ", a large number of unauthorized reprint traditional media the work site will be.

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