The official investigation of a number of network platform industry the necessary regulatory is nece

Beijing April 15 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) the Ministry of culture held a press conference in Beijing 14, issued twenty-fifth batches of illegal Internet cultural activities and the list of several network broadcast platform for allegedly containing obscene, violent, abetting crime, harm the social morality content of the products included in the Internet culture. In view of the network broadcast platform emerge from time to time of chaos, the Ministry of culture will take various measures to establish a long-term management mechanism. In this regard, the practitioners of the reporter bluntly, the appropriate regulation is necessary".

Data figure:

Shanghai supercar crash 5 people injured, the accident was broadcast live racing. The picture is the Beijing News reported on the matter when the network screenshot.

status: the number of users reached 200 million, anchor threshold low income high

is a very popular industry, the network has been more and more familiar to the Chinese people.

the Ministry of culture market department director Liu Qiang said, according to statistics, the number of users of network broadcast platform has reached 200 million, a large broadcast platform daily peak time about three thousand or four thousand live "room" online at the same time, the number of users up to three million people.

number one side only network broadcast platform, network anchor high income also tend to be the media attention.

According to

reports, a domestic network anchor Miss Angela has hundreds of thousands of fans, a monthly income of up to 50 thousand yuan, had a maximum of more than 100 thousand yuan, and this is still divided into income.

met at Miss Angela anchor, college students, white-collar workers, home technology, network game player, anchor the threshold is very low, only need a simple registration, online binding bank cards, upload ID can immediately opened, and there is no age limit.

according to the CCTV news network broadcast platform in recent years, the market scale growth significantly, statistics show that last year China network broadcast industry market size of about 7 billion 770 million yuan, nearly two hundred the number of broadcast platform.

data figure: security personnel to stop female anchor (right two) live girls dormitory. Source: micro-blog screenshot

: Chaos anchor broadcast indecent behavior, with anchor

stuffed in a car accident

in the fierce competition and interest driven by the very low threshold of network broadcast platform appeared more and more "hot" picture.

January, a network broadcast platform anchor "uninhibited 123" in the name of indecent behavior made live doll room, quickly jump up the attention of live. In March 29th, the female anchor "stupid stupid Fox platform" carry cameras into Chongqing University art college girls dormitory, and throughout the broadcast, after the dorm and security in time to stop.

live platform, rice love beans, one of the heads of Sarah told reporters that the appropriate supervision is necessary. As a fledgling

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