Local portal is too hot Suzhou information network enabled suzhou net

love net news: the media broke the news, the domain name domain name suzhou.net on place has recently been low-key enabled, for creating local classified information platform "Suzhou information network". Love reading through the input of the domain name, can be found to have normal access, service functions also have, the current site has entered the preliminary stage of operations, and a " " information platform; we Suzhou their slogan.


suzhou.net registered in October 15, 1996, domain name information in March 13, 2012 when there was a change, the current holders of Liu Chun. The diversification of the domain combination, can be understood as Suzhou, Suzhou, Suzhou and other means, which is very suitable for local websites. At present, the "Suzhou" of the main suffixes have long been registered empty, where.Com suffix was collected by Cai Wensheng.

it is understood, suzhou.net earlier in the Sedo China domain name auction on the light off phase, also participated in the domestic "hundred domain name" competition in the domain name industry had a reputation. It is worth mentioning that the holders of suzhou.net Liu Chun is also a domain name enthusiasts, holding a large number of high-quality domain name, the domain name of the investment is also the use of resources to build a number of sites, but also a good way out.

the current rapid development of the Internet, the platform operators are closer to the local areas of exquisite refinement, the industry generally optimistic about this trend. The local portal competition, only with the relevant local domain name, it is a symbol of the strength of the net love! According to understand, all domestic city (county level) Pinyin domain name, have all been developed city of the same name registration, Pinyin domain name is a "m" is hard to find.

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