Daily conversation where the 100 million financing will start again

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 13th news recently announced, where the customer has completed a new round of financing, the amount of more than $100 million. This round of financing by the chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet lead investor, IDG, ceyuan LIAN, Saif, Qiming, Temasek, CITIC, and other shareholders are involved in.

This is where the

since the establishment of the seventh round of financing. The first six rounds were from LIAN ceyuan and IDG, Saif, Tiger Fund, Temasek and Kerry Group, a total of about $422 million. So far, we received a total of $522 million financing. Where the customer since 2007 men’s shirts direct marketing started, with the brand marketing and cost-effective products, once the Internet has created a myth of the brand’s growth. But in 2011, we announced that because the capital market downturn, valuation problems such as delay IPO after he missed the timing of listing. After getting worse, where the customer is swaying between brands and other electronic business platform providers, plus the advantage of every guest menacing, soon catch up.

this round of investment is also considered investors attempt to save all passengers. In September last year, where the relocation and adjustment of the "optimization" off the 20% guest workers, staff turnover and poor communication also detonated fierce storm suppliers owed money, we also fall into a new round of funding dilemma.

over the past year we did not calm, in May last year, every guest more attempts to introduce third party brand, consider "brand + vip.com" mode, where the customer is experiencing a wave of September, where the customer’s V+, where the third party sale and three departments of integration and adjustment, ready to return to the line of the brand. In every guest one after another action, where the start location is not clear, in the end is where the outside world about product brand or brand channel.

last year, every guest will from its own brand VANCL stores, supermarkets set into Giordano, KAPPA, Tonlion, Semir and many other third party brands, resulting in product positioning deviation. Internet analyst Hong Bo bluntly, where the brand positioning has become increasingly blurred. When the original familiar where the customer has more and more far.

where the founder chairman and aged CEO said: "where the success of the new round of financing, that industry of every guest, have faith on the Internet clothing brand, is also on 2014 where the customer return to the beginning of the heart, focus on product strategy certainly." Chen said 2014 will return to the beginning of the heart, focus on the products as the core strategy, manufacturing high-end products to consumers "scream" carefully. The move is also considered the industry and consumers to learn millet model. A new round of financing, the customer product design, raw material selection, efficiency and quality control of factory production in the whole production chain is guaranteed.

it is understood that after nearly a year of preparation, where the customer in 2014 will be a substantial reduction in product category and style, at the same time to significantly enhance the quality, do the top single product as the goal, in the spring and summer of this year launched a sweater, T-shirt, shirt, pants and so on

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