Foreign SNS game providers to enter China with the platform and then force

the total number of Internet users in China has reached 404 million, of which social networking site user base of up to 191 million. Ministry of industry in April 2010 released the latest Internet industry data show that social networking sites are affecting and changing the lives of Internet users, the number of users of social networking sites can not be ignored. The increase in the number of users of social networking sites, but also for the next round of social games growth opportunities.

this is a huge market potential, it is clear that foreign companies have seen. RockYou, Cyworld, Zynga followed by a signal.

in the 2010 CGBC speaker list, RockYou technical director and founder of the name of Shen ming.

as one of the three major game developers on the SNS platform, is currently considering the establishment of the office of the RockYou in China is particularly compelling, due to the recent release or acquisition of Chinese SNS game developers news. Shen Jia’s trip to China is obviously extraordinary.

overseas SNS game in succession into Chinese

, we are fully affirmed the design level of the Chinese SNS game industry, I hope to continue to find new opportunities for cooperation. China has a lot of talented developers, RockYou is willing to help them succeed." Shen Jia said, RockYou this time by participating in CGBC, is hoping to find a suitable partner in China, the domestic game to go abroad.

not only RockYou, as early as the rise of SNS games in China, overseas manufacturers have been eyeing the Chinese market. With the explosive growth of foreign social gaming industry, the domestic game industry’s attention to social gaming peak.

2005, South Korea’s most successful community web site I (Cyworld) began to enter the overseas markets, including China, Japan, the United States, Taiwan have Cyworld branch or joint venture.

in early 2006, Myspace launched a global strategy. In April 27, 2007, Myspace China localized substation high-profile on-line, marking the formal entry into the Myspace China Internet market.

October 2008, Japan’s largest social networking site Mixi low-key release of the Chinese version of SNS social platform – Honey show (Mixiu), officially announced the rapid growth of China’s Internet market.

recently, Zynga completed the acquisition of social gaming company Challenge Games, while opening Zynga studio in Beijing. After the merger, Challenge Games will be renamed Zynga Austin, and will focus on product development.

RockYou announced plans to work with Chinese SNS social game developers through the purchase >

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