The news website face the editor for you write 140 words Twitter as you choose

see a good article on a website, what do you usually do?

yes, a lot of people will take the initiative to share a variety of social tools, micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends, etc.. And, you have to say something to share it, to mention a few feelings, pick a paragraph of the core point of view of the article.

and if you share the "Losangeles times" website article, you don’t have to worry about how to write a summary, or brains pondering how to fill the blank of 140 words in the micro-blog input box, because the new revision of the "Losangeles times" official website made a decision at the start of each: this paper put out a piece of writing, provided in advance by the editor of the 3-4 word share content (format is an unpublished Twitter post), the user can choose any one of their own heart, to share directly to twitter.

  (three articles in the beginning of the article)

Xiaobian also had to sigh, lazy can create endless opportunities. From the point of view of the practice of new media, the purpose of the Losangeles times is obvious, that is, to encourage readers to interact with the article page, can be seen as a further change in the design of digital news.

In addition to this, the "Losangeles times" this time will also introduce a number of mysterious revision of the trial of the

. The first is the website announced that the future will remain 24 hours of uninterrupted renewal; in addition, will also increase investment in website design, Code and design company than Theory cooperation as a well-known New York (the company has with the "time" magazine, and technology website The Verge, a well-known African magazine Ebony, fashion magazine Interview page design word of mouth, and the response was very good; news commentary website Daily Beast has also been the initial on-line support); after the revision of the "Losangeles times" website, will have the characteristics of both fashion and leisure science and technology. Open a new version of the page, feeling like to see such a photo (below): a MacBook Air or Moleskine notebook and a iPhone, as well as a drink on a smooth wooden desktop:

in addition to fonts, side bar page adjustment, the overall design is also similar to iPad and other flat panel equipment application of the appearance of the large box.

and the so-called "help you write tweets" article page design, so show: the article page set up for many readers to share parts, not only to "share this speech" sentence speech prompt text label share; there are three "sharing", the reader is first seen sharing the content of pre written Twitter posts.

if the user moves the mouse next to the twitter icon next to the image, you can also see social media such as Facebook

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