There are four major problems in the domestic nternet industry This is a disease

if ten years ago, the Internet industry for most people is still a fresh vocabulary, so today is no longer a a commonplace talk of an old scholar. The Internet industry has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Before the Internet gave me a silent feeling, a little training with the user’s spending habits, not so many gimmicks and speculation, and today, a group of people get together to do one thing, very noisy, impetuous market environment, inevitably there are a lot of problems.


in recent years, the rapid development of China’s Internet industry, healthy and orderly Internet industry can play a positive role in the steady growth of macroeconomic and structural adjustment. However, the Internet industry there are some problems in the development process, including the damage to the interests of consumers, illegal transactions are frequent, the new enterprise etc. many symptoms of both said of an aged person, hindering its own sustainable development, but also weaken the macroeconomic effect. Based on the existing Internet industry problems summarized, to provide some help for the following an antidote against the disease.

NO.1 online virtual market regulatory deficiencies

Internet trading platform is actually a virtual online market, the seller and the buyer provides an open, convenient trading place". The market can not do without management and order, otherwise it will bring a lot of negative effects, online virtual market is no exception. In recent years, due to the rapid growth of the number of Internet users, the rapid expansion of the scale of the online virtual market, and the corresponding market regulation is to follow up slowly, bringing a variety of problems.

fakes rampant violations of the rights of consumers and legitimate operators. 2014 8~10 months, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department Supervisor entrusted Chinese consumer associations to carry out network commodity transaction directional monitoring, the results show "" genuine goods rate is only 37.25%. The accuracy of the figure for the time being, regardless of the fake electronic business platform is indeed an indisputable fact.

illegal transactions affect the rule of law process. In May 2014, Chinese network issued a "survey report on QQ put a large number of trafficking in firearms account", said criminals by QQ and other instant messaging tools to sell guns, online payment directly by courier logistics real. If guns can be traded in this form, drugs and pornography can also. And through the electronic business platform for money laundering, bribery behavior is more subtle.

security vulnerabilities caused by Internet users life and property security risks. Malicious programs, phishing software, hacker attacks and other security vulnerabilities facing the Internet moment, the privacy and rights of Internet users are often violated. Consumer privacy information disclosure, online payment account stolen News reported, the Internet information security issues and each user is closely related, and the expression of a variety of forms, can not be ignored.

NO.2 market monopoly affect the sustainable development of the industry

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