Zhou Hongyi do not fly complex search made a lot of mistakes

[tips] if you want to search for information, but also to start the browser search engine at > > input; input keywords > Enter? Out, now, as long as you double-click the Ctrl button, everything is


lecture before doing a small advertisement. Because today is the 360 anniversary of the launch of the search today, we released the tomato, also released a double Ctrl. Do not know what is the meaning of tomatoes 360 tomatoes with Jingdong really does not matter, interested can go to so.com search.


360 anniversary, this year, "Zhou Hongyi and the search for complex things like" I see a lot of title. That’s not right. I think the work in the market, should yuandufushu. I did a search, but he made a mistake, take the opportunity cost. I feel that I must learn to accept others’ success. Also, I have a point of view, if a thing someone has done for a long time, very mature, no flaws, you do it in the same way, certainly no chance. As I often say, beat the search is certainly not the second search, beat QQ is certainly not the second QQ. So, for a long time, I did not see the market in the search for disruptive innovation opportunities.

in fact, Qihoo called community search, but with Baidu search is not the same thing. Baidu is based on keyword, a large number of pages to you find the information you need. Qihoo choose the community in this direction. At that time, the community is like Tianya, Mizuki Kiyoka, such as BBS and blog sites, although not a true sense of the social network, but a lot of content every day. Our direction is to use search technology, to find out the good things in the community to achieve personalized recommendation. So, the slogan is "Qihoo when I found you, you ask me answer".

but this road did not go through, we made a lot of mistakes, and later with the entrepreneur also openly concluded.

the first mistake is luxury team entrepreneurship. The Qihoo is a luxury business team, will have to have experience in technology, experience, and Baidu also singled out, into a large sum of money. But the problem is that the mentality of impetuous, I think you can do anything. But the Internet is constantly changing, the experience is often unreliable, you must always be in a zero state, from the user point of view, always grasp the new needs of users.

second error is the platform of ideas, not focused on an entry point. Platform based products at the beginning, must be moved by the user to cut a point. But our team at that time the expansion of the mind, a strong empiricism, coupled with the hands of a lot of money, forget the most important principle is to focus on entrepreneurship. The results of many ideas, at the same time, for many people, booth is big, but have not made.

for example, we found that the community has a lot of music, pictures, blogs and so on a lot, so cool to gather.

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