Black Friday landing in China is easy shaking the eleven difficult

with cross-border electricity supplier continues to heat up in the country, the legendary black Friday began to become a new domestic electricity supplier carnival.

called "black five" first originated in the United States, it refers to the first day after Thanksgiving every year, that is, the fourth Friday of November. On this day, major shopping malls in the United States will launch a large number of discount promotions. Data show that since 2005, black Friday has become the busiest shopping day in the United States a year.

and double eleven is different, the United States, black Friday lasted longer, in the Amazon China, for example, this year’s black Friday, the time span from November 18th to December 5th.

in China, black Friday promotion history can be traced back to at least five years ago, was mainly in purchasing mode, but generally dismal results. 2013 blossom everywhere cross-border electricity supplier model as the core of the free trade zone, free trade zone, "black five" will usher in the explosive growth. Last year, cross-border electricity supplier who NiuDao, began to throw all of their energies this year.

data show that several well-known domestic cross-border electricity supplier in order to black five prepared marketing costs are more than 100 million, some even close to 300 million. These do not want to double eleven and Ali directly to the war on the vertical electricity supplier will be the most important promotion this year, the black five".

data from the point of view, the effect is good, but the annual double eleven big promotion, will leave a lot of problems: warehouse explosion, slow distribution of return, etc.. "Black five" in China, will also face such a problem?


national Carnival

last year and secretly village, this year’s cross-border electricity supplier for their "black five" launched a barrage of marketing activities.

This is a good

effect, data show that last year the deep North of Guangzhou first-tier cities as the main purchase of Internet users, more and more consumers in the two or three line of the city began to join the sea Amoy ranks, has become a new force in the growth of imports of cross-border electricity supplier.

in the crowd spread, "black five" in domestic consumption trends also show the "anti explosion model, compared with last year, maternal and child health care products sales accounted for more than 50% years, this young luxury goods, clothing occupy the mainstream status of" black five "domestic sales.

this is because maternal commodities represent life demand commodity, demand is relatively stable, the development of cross-border electricity supplier in the early maternal and child class standard products started by "low" and "explosion" activities such as open market, so that the milk powder, diapers and other standard products became synonymous with overseas shopping. After meeting the basic needs of life, personal preference or interest oriented consumer demand is more likely to stimulate consumer desire to buy overseas shopping.

data show that this year, black five overall turnover than last year, an increase of nearly 30 times, an increase of nearly 35 times the amount of orders.

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